Sunday, April 26, 2009


Kade does a lot of 'cruising' and he made his way into the kitchen and found some new toys.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Abandon Ship!

This is a just a quick post that will have to suffice until finals are over next week. We're a little worn out and we can't wait for next Tuesday! Anyway, this morning this is what I walk in on: Kade emptied his crib. I'm glad he hasn't yet figured out how to get out himself.

Kade's daddy time is bedtime. So daddy get's him all changed for bed and reads a book to him, and then puts him in bed for the night. It's always a surprise to see what Aaron puts him in. Last night he didn't even bother with pajamas. Just took off the pants!

Admiring his work.

Trying to smile through the frustration of me taking pictures instead of getting him out.

Then he started to get mad at me for not getting him out of his crib.......

.......and continued to become even more upset.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter III

Here are some clips from Kade finding his Easter eggs and basket.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

So Relieved!

I am so happy. As of today, my website is completely updated! Everything is up to date! It hasn't been in a while so it is a huge relief to me. If you want to see it go here

Nickell Photography

Friday, April 17, 2009

Testing it out! I am sending this mini-post from my phone! I love it!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Arrested Part II

OK here it is, my version of my arrest. I'll pick up where Nickell left off...
So the police office asked me if he can talk to me outside for a second. I said "Yes" and get out of the car. At that time I see the second cop standing over by the first cops car and his car behind. I didn't think anything about it. He was probably bored Easter Sunday night in Provo. But the cop escorts me to the back of his car and asks me to face the bumper and put my hands behind my back. I'm thinking "What the crap!!! What's going on!!" The cop says he'll explain in a minute.

Then with my hands behind my back I feel the cold handcuff tighten onto my wrist, and they are not comfortable at all. Once they are on he says I can turn around and he says that there is a warrant for my arrest. My first thought is that I took care of that. I thought that because I did have a previous warrant for my arrest in Arizona for driving with a suspended license which I didn't know was suspended for another automobile citation. But that is all a different story, back to this one...after trying to explain the previous warrant being taken care of he told me that this warrant was issued by Wasatch county for a ticket from June 2008. It took me a little while to remember it because I thought it was taken care of and never was notified about any further problems.

After that the primary cop went and talked with Nickell. I asked him to talk to her first before putting me in the cop car, didn't want her to see me getting into the car without knowing what was going on.
After he talked with her he came back, patted me down and started asking me the standard questions: do I have any weapons, needles, drugs. Of course no to all of it. I didn't even have my wallet. When that was done he escorted me into the back of his car which is NOT comfortable at all. I could not sit forward because there was NO leg room, but even if there was leg room if I sat facing forward the cuffs would probably have cut off my hands from the pressure. So I sat sideways facing the side window with my right shoulder pressing against the back un-padded seat. With every turn on our way to county jail it felt like my shoulder was going to dislocate.
Once at county we enter this high security indoor parking lot that had huge steel doors. It's a little weird when the police man would refer to me over the radio as an inmate or prisoner. When parked the cop did a little paperwork before coming around and letting me out. He then escorted me to a sliding door where we waited for the police men on the other side to open it.

From there they began to "process me". I had to face a blue mat while they patted me down again looking for any possessions in my pockets while asking a bunch of questions to which all of them I answered no, besides the question have you had anything to drink, I answered "Orange soda" (Thanks Mark and Jeny). Then they took off the cuffs and asked me to take off my belt and ring to check in. My belt came off with no problem but I didn't think my ring was going to come off. The last time I tried to take it off was impossible. But with a little soap and some wiggling it came off. Then they had me sit down and take off my shoes and socks, which they then checked for who knows. They also checked the bottom of my feet.

Finally we got to my mug shots and the finger printing. All very weird. Something I thought would never happen to me. After everything was done I got to go to the waiting area where there were some phones. FINALLY I got to call Nickell. This entire time I just kept worrying about her. I know that she had to have been freaking out. We talked as long as the phone would let us. Then I just had to sit and wait for the bishop to get there.

Everything is good now. I am getting that ticket taken care of. When I got home, Nickell gave me a big hug and made sure I was ok. But the hug didn't last very long because she made me go shower. She said I smelled awful. So that is the story of my first (and last) arrest. I'll probably never forget it, that's for sure.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Easter Adventures Take an Interesting Turn...

So today after church we did the Easter baskets, made some rolls, took a short nap and then headed to Aunt Jeny's. We had a yummy dinner with them followed by an interesting movie. "The Day the Earth Stood Still"? I think that's what it was called. Anyway, I lacked in taking pictures. Sorry.

This is where the story gets twisted. We are having a wonderful Easter, the whole day has been beautiful! On our way home.... we get pulled over. Not a big deal, one of our headlights was out. Easy, no problem, get it fixed and we're good to go. Not as easy as it sounds. After a while waiting of waiting for the cop to come back to our car and tell us to get it fixed and go home.... he comes back and says something different.

"Mr. Blair, can I talk to you out side for a minute?"

Aaron politely responds, "Yes."

I see them escort him to the side walk and then behind the police car. At this point they disappear to me because of the blinding police lights.

After waiting and praying for everything to be ok, I see in my side mirror.... Aaron..... in handcuffs.

At this point my mind goes WILD!
I just kept thinking "What in the WORLD could this be about?"

I had no clue, and after more waiting, the cop comes to my side of the car. He proceeds to tell me that Aaron is being arrested due to a ticket that was not taken care of.

Again in my mind I was searching my memory for the ticket this guy could be talking about. I couldn't think of it. I even asked him when the ticket was. All he said was 2008. Didn't really narrow it down for me at all but whatever. I'm ticked that Aaron forgot about ANOTHER ticket! While this is the first time he's been arrested for his ticket, it's not the first time that there's been a warrant out for his arrest. Anyway...

The police officer was incredibly polite and nice, which I am so grateful for because it could have been far far worse. Anyway, he tells me what I have to do in order to get him out etc. He also (only in Utah and I love it) tells me how it really isn't a big deal, it doesn't mean he's a bad guy. He has arrested bishops for the same thing. His sister was arrested for the same thing. It happens all the time and not to worry. Which again, I am really happy they were nice about the whole deal.

So Aaron was taken to County. Awesome. More awesome was that we had to post bail to get him out which was money we just didn't have lying around. So I called our Bishop. I'm currently sitting here waiting for him to get home. It was really weird when Aaron called me too because I answered the phone and hear an operator say, "Press 5 to accept a phone call from Aaron Blair, and inmate at UT County Jail." So weird.

They had to book him and all of that but luckily he doesn't have to sit in a cell. And he'll be home soon. I'll have him post his side of the story tomorrow.

So looking at the positive I am so grateful like I said earlier that the cops were nice guys, our Bishop is amazing and we are so blessed to have such a wonderful bishop. When I called him I just kept apologizing because not only am I asking a lot of him, but it's also midnight. He just kept telling me to stop stressing (like that's possible) stuff happens and it will be quite the adventure to look back on.

This wasn't the final Easter post I was planning. I was going to post a video of Kade searching for eggs and going through his basket. I will still post it, just not tonight.

Stay tuned for Arrested part II, and Easter part III and please don't miss the posts below.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Here are some pictures of Kade in his suit. I love it!

I love this picture... He looks like he is "puttin' off the vibes..."

This morning we got ready and went to church. 9 am church doesn't allow much time for anything else besides getting ready to go. After church we did the basket/egg thing.

Kade made the cutest noise when he spotted this egg. Too bad you can't hear it with the pictures...

I set him down on the ground and he found his basket pretty immediately. He loved looking through it and seeing all the cool stuff the Easter bunny left him.

Don't miss the first Easter post below and stay tuned...more to come!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The First Easter Post--There Will Be More

We dyed eggs tonight. It was fun but short lived. I'm the only one that actually cares about doing it. I love traditions and so I have to make sure they happen. This is my absolute FAVORITE holiday. I love love love Easter! I love the meaning of Easter plus it falls during my favorite season so it's good all around. This Easter will be Kade's last-first holiday. It's crazy. This Easter Sunday he is 11 months old. He's talking more now, mostly it's just babbling, but there are a few words: Mama, Dada, Hi, Ba-Ba and Ball. He's on the verge of walking but he's taking his sweet time which is JUST FINE with me!! His mouth is basically full of teeth now. Tomorrow he will wear his first suit to church, it's so cute!

Aaron showing Kade the eggs we're about to dye.

He just wanted to eat them.

I just thought this was funny. He was going on and on about something important I'm sure.

This is why the dying was short lived. What can you expect with kids though! It got everywhere. I'm just glad we captured it. Kade wanted to take the egg out himself.

Our dozen eggs turned into eight because Kade had fun throwing them and seeing them break, and cracking the shells with his fists.
I of course had to take pictures of the eggs. I liked them.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This post is not really important, or information filled. It's probably a complete waste of your time. However I thought these pictures were cute and I wanted to post them. Last night while I was at class, Aaron had quite a bit of homework to do. Because of this he turned on Toy Story for Kade to watch. Kade really likes this movie. He had been just around playing, and when Aaron turned on the movie, Kade crawled over to the middle of the floor and positioned himself this way. I thought it was cute, Aaron obviously did too-hence the pictures. We are a little biased though.

Two Posts in One Day???

Kade's hair has been driving me NUTS! It's so bad. He has a mullet. And it's not business in the front, it's old man in the front and party in the back!! Ridiculous. So I had to do something about it, and it wasn't easy but I did. I had a little fun in the process. Below is Kade pre-haircut. Nasty eh? I will name this one collage number one.Kade was all smiles---before we started!

If you are wondering how to keep an 11 month old still for such a task, this is it. I had to wrap a towel around him to keep his arms pinned so he wouldn't try to grab the clippers. Then, I had to hold him down with my legs.

Collage number 2
Collage number 3.

This is the fun I was talking about. We cut a mohawk. By we I mean me. It was Aarons idea, but he's not even home. His absense is obviously why I had to take pictures, that and it looks way sweet! The second collage is pre-spiking, the third, obviously post-spiking.
So funny. I wouldn't ever keep it that way.

I mentioned previously that I had fun, Kade on the other hand, had zero fun. He hated it! This is him after the ordeal.

Now he looks a lot different. I'm hoping it grows back at least a little bit-but quickly!! It's so much better than his shaggy mess though!

It's Been So Long....

WARNING: The following may contain many grammatical errors as well as misspelled words.

I am trying not to fall asleep as I write this. I have been SO EXHAUSTED lately. And the main cause is my own irresponsibility. I ran out of my thyroid replacement medication a few months ago and haven't been in to get a refill. Not good. I know, not smart either. Aaron's all paranoid that I'm going to die soon if I don't get back on track with it. Good news is that I had my doctors appointment yesterday and she refilled my prescription. Yay! (also mom, she told me I could take two a day for a few days to boost it, maybe you should try it... maybe not)

Second, I have been going to bed really late. Really late. (last night, 1:30 am. a few nights ago, 3:30 am.) Finals are coming, and the busy wedding season is starting. While I love doing weddings, I miss being at home when I do them. At least it is only one or two days a week and for the other photo shoots Kade always comes with me so it's good.

Third, every week Kade seems to be waking up earlier and earlier. Today it was 7 am. He used to sleep in so well and it made me SO happy. Not anymore. I don't understand why it's happening.

So we are still planning on doing a post of Helicopter leaves for you Mel, but just haven't yet.

Aaron's grandpa died yesterday. It seems to be a week of death. I have heard of so many people that have died in the past couple days. It's hard, Aaron is of course very sad. I unfortunately didn't get a very good chance to get to know him. Soon after I met him for the first time he had a very bad stroke and his health has been declining ever since. While we expected him to be dying soon, it was still a shock. He has been in the hospital so much, especially lately. Every time he's there I always think this is it, yet every time, he pulls out of it and gets to go home. This time he didn't. He died on the way to the hospital in the ambulance yesterday. I have been looking everywhere trying to find a picture of him to put on with this. I couldn't find one, but we will miss him so much. Aaron especially. He was at school yesterday when he found out. When he came home he was obviously distraught, and just hugged me for a really long time. We just have to keep telling ourselves that he is much happier now. He's not suffering anymore, he is with his family members that passed before him, he isn't in any pain.

Now I need to take a short nap before Kade wakes up from his. Nevermind, he just woke up. Awesome.

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