Sunday, September 28, 2014

Just A Few Things

It feels like we've been incredibly busy. However, most of it isn't noteworthy. Here are a few things though. 

Tadd started a co-op preschool when we got back from California. He was really excited but also really nervous. Really nervous. He held my hand tightly as we walked up to the door. He dragged me inside with him and wouldn't let go. After less than a minute though, he was fine. I left. 

He loved it and I'm so glad. He's been so excited to go back every. single. time. 
Kade has been playing fall baseball this year. It's a little less intense which is good because we've finally started him in a more competitive league.  This way he is getting his feet wet with a new level of competition but not with too much pressure. He's loved it and he's learning so much more! He has learned that he loves playing in the catcher position! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Beach Day

While we were in California a couple weeks ago, we made a trip to the beach. It was a first for Max, and a first for Tadd... sort of. He doesn't remember his first beach experience so it was basically his first time. Tadd is his father's son, he loved it. Every minute. He did not want to leave. Max on the other hand, is my child. He hated the water and did not care for the sand. The water was surprisingly warm, I had my camera, and one very very happy boy. It was a very fun trip. 

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