Thursday, May 22, 2014

He Turned 6.

This cute guy turned 6.  The day after Mother's Day, just exactly like it was 6 years ago, this kid made me a mom. Here's a little bit about the newest 6 year old in our house. 

 He's full of personality. He's often in fits of uncontrollable laughter. He may be a little crazy. He loves his brothers. He loves his family. He loves to pray and go to primary. He's a good helper. He says one of this favorite things is when his "whole family is all together." He loves playing the piano, reading, coloring, building with legos, playing his DS and playing any sport! He's all boy. He loves climbing trees with Tadd and riding his bike. He gets so much joy when Max reaches milestones. He loves making his brothers laugh! He's not perfect, and definitely has attitude sometimes but overall, he's a really good kid. I'm lucky he's mine, and even more lucky that he's my oldest. I can't think of a better kid to be the big brother of Tadd and Max. 

For his birthday, Aaron and I got to go surprise him at school and have lunch with him. He was so excited and just kept hugging us and saying, "I LOVE this day! Birthdays are so awesome." 
For dinner he chose pizza. We decided to make pizza. It was fun and simple. Kade got very involved in making the dough and putting the toppings on. He loves to help cook and bake. 
While dinner was in the oven, he opened presents. 
There was a gift card. From Target. It had a robot on it, and he needed it to be his. He was heartbroken when we left Target without it. 

For Kade's birthday we bought him a gift card. It has $5 on it but I don't think that even matters to him. He was just thrilled to see his new "robot credit card."
The new bike. He was really excited for a new bike! He even mentioned to Aaron a few days before his birthday how disappointed he was when Santa didn't bring a new bike to him. 
We ate pizza. It was good. Kade got to use the "special day" plate. 
Then we sang "Happy Birthday" and ate ice-cream-cupcakes as per the request of the birthday boy. Afterwards, we watched all the awesome videos he got from family members that don't live close enough to be here with us on his day. He got a few from Aunt Cici (Kelsey) and Carson, Nana and Grandpa (and Brock and Becca), Aunt Amber and cousins, Uncle Daniel, and then Aunt Serena. Each video made him smile from ear to ear! Thank you for sending those! 
Max, congratulating Kade on making it to 6.

Then on that Saturday, he had his friend-party with a few friends from church. We went bowling, ate pizza and played in the arcade. The arcade was a little chaotic and I don't think I'd do that part again, but the bowling and pizza was fun. Also, the pizza was surprisingly good. For reals. 

He had so much fun! We loved seeing him so happy! Happy birthday to my very first baby! We sure love you buddy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mother's Day

Mother's day is not my favorite day. But my boys sure do make me feel special and that's something I can't hate. They showered me with gifts. Made yummy grilled-citrus-cucumber chicken and Kade did the dishes by his own choosing! I've always heard that, the older your kids are, the better Mother's day gets! And that is definitely true for me, so far!
I love these three boys with my whole heart and feel lucky to be their mom!

Plus a shout out to my own mom. She taught me lots of stuff and always loved her babies more than anything. She's an amazing Nana and my boys adore her. I love you mom. 

The boys also gave me quite the show. They all three love music and dancing, just for fun. This show is obviously not planned and very spontaneous. It was awesome.

On a side note, Max is showing us just how emotional one kid can be. These were all taken, in sequence, within probably 30 seconds. No kidding. Where did this kid come from? I've decided he's been bottling everything up since he was born and now it's like an emotion explosion. He used to just be happy all the time. Now, he's a little spitfire that makes us laugh out loud on a regular basis. He's turning into quite the handful, and quite the comedian. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sweet Berry Farms

A few weeks ago, Kade went on his first field trip. Sadly, I couldn't go because of they didn't want siblings there and I still have two littles at home, but our good friend Chuck was going with his daughter, so I made him take one of my cameras and take pictures. He did a great job! I loved seeing all the fun Kade had! They went strawberry picking at Sweet Berry Farms. 

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