Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We just barely carved our pumpkins last night! Better late than never! Happy Halloween! More pictures coming soon...

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Last Friday we had some much needed family time. There is a place in Pleasant Grove called Hee-Haw farms. It's a fun pumpkin patch/farm/haunted house/awesome place to go for fall fun! They have a whole bunch of fun games for kids and all ages really! Unfortunately because of our crazy schedules we didn't get to go until later in the day. It was right before sunset that we got there and most of the kids stuff closes at dark. So needless to say we weren't there for a super long time. Aaron was sick with a cold too so he didn't seem to have a ton of fun. He says he did, but....actions speak louder than words....he tried.
Huge pumpkins! They had a guy carving one of them. It was incredible and I'm mad I didn't take a picture of it. Just picture awesome in your brain.

Sweet old truck.
I was expecting Kade to love this little ride...

...........but , he did not.
Then we went on a hayride, we were lucky enough to be the only ones on the ride at the time. Kade was fascinated by the tractor!

There was just too much for him to soak in. We couldn't get his attention almost the whole night!
Another attempt at a family photo.

Random floating pumpkin in a ditch.

Kade loves his dad. He thought this was so cool!

Then we walked out to the pumpkin patch. This was when it was starting to get really dark so we had to hurry because they had zero lights out there. It was cool though because you walk out into this huge sunflower field (which made me a little sad because non of the sunflowers had been harvested. what a waste.) and they had grown the pumpkins all throughout this field. You just go find a pumpkin and pick it off the vine. Kade loved this part but kept calling them basketballs....close.
Kade, checking out a pumpkin seed he found on the ground. I'm sad this picture is blurry because his face is incredible. If you click on the picture you can see it better.

He's pointing out the good ones.

The sunset was so pretty that night!
Since there wasn't much he could destroy I let Kade walk around by himself most of the night. He thought he was pretty awesome. This is Kade walking back to the main part of Hee-Haw from the pumpkin patch. (we also walked past a big corn field that they turned into a maze and that was also sad because a lot of the corn was still on the stalks and not harvested either. so sad.)

We took a break and waited for daddy to take the pumpkins to the car. Kade decided the best place to wait would be on this straw. He's sitting though you can't really tell.

This may have been Kade's very favorite part. The animals. He kept chasing the pigs and they'd squeal and then he'd laugh. Also, I wish you could see just how ginormous the pig in the top left is. HUGE!

Don't they look like they're having fun? Nope. Toward the end of the night they both got grouchier.

He thought that he'd be able to see us through the holes again. Hilarious! We finished off the night with caramel apples and hot chocolate. It was good.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

More From Conference Weekend

It's a long post. Prepare yourself. We had a crazy, busy, fun weekend!
On Saturday, before the harvesting our sunflower seeds, I wanted to take a picture of the flowers with Aaron standing next to them. Just to show how tall they got. Aaron is 6'1" so you can get a pretty good idea of just how huge these things are. And they're really droopy too. The pictures don't even show all of the flowers either. There were 5 total and they were all this tall! They weren't pretty anymore but still tall. And p.s. the seeds are so good!

Kade is obsessed with sports. It's funny really. Everything round shaped is a ball to him and he will try to pick it up and throw it if at all possible. Don't worry, in the one where he's hanging solo, Aaron was very very close by.

Bigger than his head.

Spencer helped us.

Sunday morning during the first Conference session we took our annual drive up the canyon to enjoy the beauty around us with the changing colors! We top it all off with a yummy breakfast of fruit, bagels with cream cheese and then hot chocolate. Brandon, Aaron's brother was in town for the weekend so he joined us. Serena, Aaron's sister lives here going to BYU so she joined us too! It was raining and cold but still so pretty!

The hot chocolate was yummy but sadly there wasn't very much.

Our view from the first spot we drove up to. Utah Lake is the white part and then it blends in with all the clouds above it.

We let Kade play in the car with the heater on because it was so cold. Also it was windy and since I hate wind, I was in the car too.

This leaf landed on my window and I of course loved it.

Then we went to Jeny and Mark's house to watch the second session of conference, finish making grape juice and sunflower seeds and just hang out with them. Someone put this chain on Kade and it was pretty hilarious so we thugged him out and then had to take a few pictures.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Don't Be That Shocked...

That I'm finally posting. Business has been booming, plus school started which leaves little time to blog to say the least! But I'm trying. I'm getting caught up with things so that's good. Over conference weekend we went to my mom's Aunt Julie's house and picked grapes. And by we I mean, Aaron, Kade, my aunt Jeny, uncle Mark, and cousins Tara and Spencer and myself.

Awww... They're best friends. Sad thing is Spencer leaves for his mission a week from Tuesday and when he comes back Kade won't remember him at all.... It's ok Jeny. Don't cry. Anyway, Kade and Spencer hung out the whole time we were there. It was pretty cute. If you're thinking that these pictures above look stretched out, you'd be wrong. Spencer's just that tall and skinny.


Aaron behind the grapevines.

Kade loved the grapes. At first he wanted nothing to do with them. Once he tasted that sweet juice though, we couldn't stop him. Obviously.

And in case you were worried, he had another one in his hand for when the grapes that were still on the vine ran out.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Random Thoughts

This is a post idea I stole. I can't remember from who but I believe there are a couple of you. I constantly have so much on my mind. So I'm just going to jot a few things down for you all to read if you please. But mostly just to get them out of my brain.

-When did expectorate stop being a commonly used word? It's a good one. It's much more pleasant than spit.

-I'm happy that comedies are the thing right now with movies coming out. I'm sad that most of them are rated R.

-I'm glad it's fall.

-I've never been this excited for Halloween. It's not my favorite holiday for sure but Kade will understand it this year and I'm happy about that.

-I need to find and create Kade's costume.

-Homework bites. Even when it's for fun classes like painting and drawing. Those aren't as enjoyable when you have to draw something or paint something because someone tells you to. It limits the creativity.

-Aaron's car broke down. I'm stuck at home and hate it.

-Kade's canine's are STILL coming in. How long does that take?

-Community, it's hilarious. Glee, also hilarious.

-Heroes-lost it's charm

-I have a good husband. He likes me and I like him.

-I want to be pregnant. But only if I can skip the first trimester and not be sick at all.

-I'm glad my mouth got fixed this week. Not looking forward to the near future when more work will be done.

-Since my two surgeries in the past two months I can see why people get addicted to pain pills. I'm not addicted by any means but I can understand why people do and are. They make pain go away. (when they work) (and hopefully no one is freaked out for my safety. and also I'm not justifying addiction. it's bad)

-being around oil paint for too long may cause dizziness.

-being a mom is my very favorite thing.

-being tired is my least favorite thing.

-I want to hire a maid, only if I can hold auditions for one. Is that weird?

-I'm happy that we have a decent food storage. It's pretty awesome.

If you read that. I'm proud of you. Gold star.

Conference Weekend

Conference starts tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. Aside from getting to listen to the leaders of our church which is FANTASTIC, we also have family in town, we'll be making home-made grape juice and doing our annual drive up the canyon to listen to conference and enjoy this beautiful place God created for us! I took this picture of the Salt Lake Temple this past August so I'd thought I'd post it in honor of conference! Yay!


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