Tuesday, February 7, 2012

To Update

As you know, Kade came home from the hospital last Wednesday. We were so excited! He had breakfast that morning and they watched him through the afternoon to see how he handled it. Nothing came back up! His urine output was back to where it should be. He was still really limp and exhausted but feeling much better!

Thursday and Friday he was still not quite himself. He wanted to be held a lot and was still really tired. He stayed in bed and watched movies all day. However, he was all smiles every time he had a meal. Tuesday night I had been eating a sandwich for dinner and he kept asking me for it. I was glad he was asking for food but he still wasn't allowed to eat anything more than jello. I told him "no sandwiches yet" over and over. He did not like that answer and begged me to save it for him for when he could eat sandwiches again. Even though that was heartbreaking for me, it was equally adorable.

Thank you to everyone that kept Kade in your prayers, helped out with Tadd, brought meals or just checked in to see how we were doing. I'm always pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of love and support we get from our friends, family and ward members. It reminds me why we still live here. :)

He's home and happy! So am I! If Kade never has to be a patient in a hospital again, it will be too soon.

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