Sunday, August 31, 2008

In His Sunday Best-16 Weeks

Here is Kade at 16 weeks (tomorrow). People keep guessing he is 5 or 6 months old, and I keep thinking they are crazy, but when I got him dressed this morning......that onesie is a 6-9 month onesie. He is growing so fast. At his last appointment he was in the 90% for hight and the 65% for weight. He's a big boy! So the shoes aren't technically "Sunday best" but they're cute, and courtesy of Grandma Jensen! Aaron got this tie one his mission, it is so cute on Kade, except for that Kade loves to grab anything and eat it now! So we are constantly pulling it out of his mouth. I can't seem to find any church clothes for little boys. It's difficult, because if he were a girl just slap a dress on and we're good to go. But for boys it is a lot harder to dress them for church. Oh also, I realized Sunday best might not mean anything to you guys, but when I was in elementary school if there was something they wanted us to dress up for they always told us to wear our "Sunday best".

The End.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh The People Kade Met....

When we went to California Kade got to meet a lot of people he had never seen before. These are the people in the pictures to name a few. Kade met his Great Grandma and Grandpa Kirkham, Great-Aunt Pam, Aunt Melody and Uncle Nathan. We were so excited to go down and see all of our friends and family that hadn't seen Kade yet! There were countless others at church, but we didn't get pictures because what do you know, I hardly took any our whole trip. I actually didn't even take these pictures. These are all courtesy of Brandon Blair and Melody Pellegrin! Thanks!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Um...Definitely Worth Every Minute!

Aaron and I went shopping tonight with the "deals list" that we got from When the Bowman Family (see blog list) told us about this we were quick to join in on the fun! What we got was a total of $150. No joke. Ashley and Brandon only spent $100, but we needed some things that weren't on sale this week. Even with the extra $50, it was so worth it. The reason I say worth every minute was because we went shopping for 2.5 hours! But seriously worth every minute. Check this website out. It is awesome! I couldn't even properly display everything we got because it kept falling off the counter. But this is basically everything! To kind of give you a better idea of just how much stuff it is, usually Aaron can bring all our groceries in 1 MAYBE 2 trips. This time it took him 4 trips! And we spent the same amount! Our receipt is longer than Kade.....funny 'cause it's true!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Look Below

There are a few new posts so don't stop reading until you are caught up!

Kade Likes To Swim

We took Kade swimming for the first time a few weeks ago. These pictures are courtesy of Colin Farmer's iPhone, because once again, I lose at taking pictures of family events! Anyway, he was really tired when we got down there so he was crying, but it didn't take long for him to fall asleep. He loves loves LOVES water! We are currently visiting family in California because we have a wedding this weekend, and Kade has been in the pool almost everyday. He loves being in there, but hates getting out! He's so cute!

Dad's His Own Olympian

While watching the Olympics the other night, my dad found it necessary to eat two popsicles at the same time? Why? Who knows. Funny. Maybe he couldn't decide which kind to have. Big Stick or Otter Pop? It's a tough decision.....

Once Upon a Time....

Once upon a time our family came into town for Kade's blessing. We took lots of pictures and never posted about it. We had a fun 4th of July, and still never posted about it. We went to Color Me Mine and still......never posted. Not one single post..... So here you go, another gallery of pictures dedicated to the first week in July.

The Once Upon a Time photo gallery

SLC Temple

While Amber was in town my dad came through Utah for his 30th high school reunion so on Sunday we went to Temple Square and walked around. Brock and Becca were pretty little when we moved so they didn't remember a lot of it. It was really cool, and we got to go on top of the conference center, I like that a lot. I have been wanting to go up there for a long time, and we finally got to!

Temple Trip Pictures

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun With Photoshop.

This is my favorite program by far. I am constantly learning new things which I love, plus I can be creative, again, which I love! Here are a few pictures of the Salt Lake Temple that I edited, it is the same picture just twice edited. I think the bottom one I would like to redo because I think that there is too much "grunge" as it is called. But I still think it is a cool way to antique your photos!

Aunt Amber Came to Visit!

So Aaron's sister Amber came to visit us a couple weeks ago. I have been way slacking in the blog department as well as the taking pictures department. I take pictures all the time, which I think makes me not think about taking them when we are doing fun things! Anyway, this is really the only picture that I took while she was here! I know I am horrible. I did take some when we went to Temple Square, but I will post on that next. If you want to see more pictures from her visit, she took more that she put on her blog. It was very fun to have her here. We haven't ever gotten Amber only time. Usually when we are with her there are a lot of other people around as well, so this time provided opportunity for me to get to know her a lot better. We watched movies, Penelope being one of them, and I loved it. We actually watched it twice while she was here. Sad news, I made dinner on the Sunday she was here, and it wasn't good. Sorry Amber! But we loved having you here!

Monday, August 11, 2008

So Small....

I do a lot of "ring only" shots at weddings. This is by far the smallest wedding ring I have ever "worked with". My ring finger is a 5.5. This ring is 3.5!!!! Her fingers are so little. I couldn't get it over my knuckle! P.S. this post is totally random I know, but it is for those of you who tell me you get mad when I DON'T post because you check it everyday (Sarah). So there you go. A new post!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fun Tag.

Ok. I like this tag. I stole it off of Amy Shillig's blog even though she didn't tag me. It's fun. But I also like taking pictures. Please if I tag you, please accept the tag, and repeat this. Take pictures of the following, there's no tidying up and no wiping of your kids faces. So here goes:

The Fridge
Nothing Special

The Closet
Our closet is part office...

Self Portrait
Three words: I'm so hot!

Favorite Room in the house

This is my favorite room for the same reason Amy's room is her favorite. It is the only room in our place that is completely decorated to my liking! However, notice the cords in the corner. That's one of my pet peeves that I have had to deal with for the sake of my computer savvy husband. It's all about compromise! We have three laptops, and one desktop....

Kitchen Sink

This is the sink. Boring. P.S. I hate stainless steel. There is always a water spot no matter what you do to prevent or fix. If you wipe one spot, there will be another...

Laundry Room

This is our laundry room/office/storage... Our place isn't huge.

The Toilet
This is how you know I didn't tidy. The trash would have been emptied....

What are your kids doing right now?
Well I only have one kid, and at this very moment, this is what he is doing....

Dream Vacation
I also stole this from Amy. I want to be there so bad. And I love this picture of Paris!

Fave Shoes
For me it was a toss up between the one above and the one below.....

I now tag.... Sarah, Ashley, Caitlyn, Beez, Amber, Melody, Erin and Teresa! Enjoy, and remember tidying is against all rules of this tag! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!

One Month Ago Today

Kade and his dad. We took pictures after church, Aaron love him so much. He is very cute with him. He always says he thinks he isn't doing a very good job at being a dad, but then from our bedroom I can hear Aaron singing to Kade whenever they are alone trying to make him laugh. It's so cute!

My father-in-law Warner. Aaron took this picture. I liked it!

Aaron and my dad.

Before we left. Kade was very sleepy.

Brock and Kade. Brock LOVES being an uncle. Being the baby of the family, he didn't have babies around very often. He would take Kade home if I would let him.

This is all the family that came into town!
You can very much tell whose family is whose.

A month ago today we blessed Kade. I have been waiting to post about it until I had taken his blessing pictures, and I finally got around to it!!! We were lucky enough to have both sides of our family there. There were some missing from Aaron's side, but his parents and 3 out of 6 siblings were there, so it was still good! It was a lot of fun, and afterward we went to my Aunt Julie's for a big family dinner. I have a lot of family within 20 minutes of where we live, so it was quite the get-together! Thank you thank you thank you Aunt Julie for volunteering to let us have it there! You were a life saver! We would not have been able to fit this many people in our little apartment!!!

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