Wednesday, September 22, 2010


You should be so excited that you get to hear me sing two songs in a row.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Little Less Irritated...A Little More Relieved!

This has been something we've known we would need to get since we found out we were pregnant. Our little Honda Civic has been very reliable, however, it is very small. (it's also recently paid off! Yay!) We were planning on waiting a few more weeks BUT with our school and work schedules, we just needed to do it sooner. This new addition to our family will now accommodate BOTH car seats with ease, has 4-wheel drive for those scary winter storms, a DVD system for rear passengers (just a plus), a sun roof (another fun plus), and is exactly what we wanted! (Also,P.S. if you are in the market for a new vehicle, go to the Nissan dealership in Orem and ask for Big Ed. He was fantastic! He wasn't pushy at all and he went above and beyond to make it a positive experience!)

But wait! There's MORE! When locking the car tonight after we got home, we found out that it also has an automatic starter! No more getting into a scalding hot/freezing cold car! That was Aaron's "want", but we didn't expect to find a vehicle we could afford that had it. I'm not sure the dealership even knew it was in there because nothing was said about it the whole time! All I have to do is "lock" it three times in a row with the remote and BAM! it starts! Holy smokes, I'm in love!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Here's a few things floating around my head...

I love that Kade says "yes" instead of "yeah".

Kade is nervous to sing out loud so he always just mouths the words to the songs he knows, whether they be on the radio or in nursery. It's hilarious.

I had a dream Aaron committed me. I was coaching girls basketball in the old gym at Provo High and all of the sudden I was being taken away kicking and screaming. Then I was in a giant white building wearing a straight jacket. I can't decide the reasoning for all of it. Maybe he thought I was crazy for wanting to coach high school anything (since I don't have a whole lotta patience or a high tolerance for high school students) OR maybe it's because right now I just feel crazy in general.

I can't wait to feel like myself again.

I'm more nervous about having a baby this time than I was last time. Not having a new born, the whole hospital experience scares me this time.

I can't wait to sleep again...when will that happen?

I'm 100% expecting this baby to be completely different from Kade as far as personality goes. That terrifies me beyond belief.

Why am I so afraid this time?

Everything irritates me right now and that irritates me. I can't let things go.

Why does pregnancy suddenly make a woman incapable of doing anything. I can't tell you how many times I've hit the backspace during this post.

My kid is pretty cute.

How can one mom love more than one kid? I don't get it.

I love this semester at school. For reals. School is great!

I wish I could take over a more energetic body for an hour and clean my house.

I can't reach my toe nails to paint them and my sister isn't here to do it for me. How rude.

I'm surprised by those of you that have read this far because I'm irritated just writing it. I wont feel bad if you don't want to listen to me complain any more.

We're hopefully getting a second car in the next few weeks and I can't wait.

No one calls us to hang out with them anymore. Probably because I'm such a beast right now.

I need a haircut, and the energy to call Caitlyn.

I'm going to the chiropractor today and couldn't be more thrilled. Really.

Ok the end. There's probably more but I'm finished for now. (Thank GOODNESS, right?)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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