Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ringing in 2015

We had a very fun New Year's Eve this year. The boys stayed up with us! It was just the four of us once Max went to bed. We ate fondue, watched movies, did puzzles and played games! So fun!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Max Turned 2

My baby is 2. It's so strange for me. I've never celebrated a 2nd birthday for one of my kids and not been pregnant. I think that's why I can't grasp the fact that he's two. He doesn't feel that old to me. Even though a lot has happened since he was born (moving a few times, etc.) it still seems like it was yesterday, that he was born. He has grown so much recently. Both physically and mentally. Both of which I am very grateful! He is starting to talk more. We are the only ones that understand him but he is communicating which makes everything a lot easier! This kid is a little spitfire. He already has "short guy" syndrome. He always seems to be trying to prove that he's just as tough/able/funny as his big brothers. He loves to make us laugh and the more tired he is the goofier he gets. Dinner time is always, laugh at Max time. And he knows it. 

He loves to give hugs and kisses. His smile is contagious. He loves playing outside, he's always trying to sneak out through the doggy door. He loves trucks and cars and really anything automotive. Building blocks keep him entertained for hours. He loves throwing trash in the garbage can (I hope that sticks with him forever!) He loves cleaning too. His attention span is does not exist when it comes to books. We love him to pieces and we are so lucky he is here with us. We love our little Maxwell. 

Max's birthday was on a Saturday this year so we spent the day together as a family. It was so nice! It was a very happy day, all day. I didn't even cry once. Ok, maybe once. We went bowling, at pizza (Max's favorite) and did some arcade games. I'll post some video later, but for now...
The boys were SO excited to help Max bowl. 
I haven't bowled such a bad game, since I was pregnant with Kade. It was bad. Really really bad. Max won. I have proof. 
Later that night, we did presents and cake. The poor kid will likely always have Christmas decorations up on his birthday. That's what happens when you're born on the 27th of December. 
Aaron and I were dying to give this Cozy Truck to Max. With how much he loves automotive-anything, we knew it would be a hit! Though you can't tell in pictures, he was very excited about it! He's not the kid to get really smiley when he's excited about something. He gets really intense!

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