Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Yesterday, it rained. I was blissfully happy about it. I love the rain. A lot. 
Kade and Tadd were pretty happy about it too. 

Ah, childhood. Sigh. 
Tadd is over the moon, that his best friend is around all the time again. Over. The. Moon. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Aaron Had A Birthday. We Shouted "Hooray!"

Aaron's birthday was yesterday. We had a very nice relaxing day. Pancakes for breakfast, naps, presents. It was a good day.

Happy 34th, Aaron. 

We will be driving to Utah on Saturday/Sunday... Father's day. So we combined the two into one awesome present to open on his birthday. We got him a fire pit! He was super excited. As were the boys. 
As it had been raining for a good part of the day, and bedtime was fast approaching for the tiny humans, we just did a small fire. No matches were involved. My little eagle scout.

He used a lighter.
Kade was not a fan of where he was sitting. All the smoke just kept blowing into his face. 
Max is always so skeptical. 
We ended the night singing "Happy Birthday" and eating his birthday pie. French silk, as per his request. There definitely were not 34 candles on that pie. Ain't nobody got time for that. 
He said he felt lazy and waited on. Just what everyone deserves on their birthday!

The Last Day

Kade had his last day of Kindergarten last week. For him it was bitter sweet. He's very excited to be a first grader, but when we left the school he said, "Mom, I'm sad. I loved Ms. Newell and I wish she could be my teacher forever." 
And there's Tadd. Never can a photo be taken without Tadd the photo bomber. He insists. Really.

After school, he went and partied it up at the pool with his best friends, the Lewis'. First swim of the year on the last day of school. A perfect start to summer!

Last Game For The Season

On May 17th was Kade's last t-ball game of the season. While he loves the sport of baseball, he does not love t-ball. He'd much rather hit off of a pitch and play the game for real. He loved playing first base because that is where most of the action was! He had a good season and some really good plays. Overall, I think he enjoyed himself. 
Tadd enjoyed playing in the dirt. 
The coaches wife made some cute goodie bags for them and baseball cupcakes. They also received their participation awards. 

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