Saturday, November 28, 2009

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Monday, November 23, 2009

How Does One Get a Kid Like This!--Retry

Caption for the video on Micah's Mongoose Bicycle was stolen 3 week ago out of the back yard .Yesterday we surprised him with a new bike. Just like his stolen one.

To have a kid that has that much gratitude would be all I could hope for!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Please Do...

We have some good friends that are hoping to adopt. We're trying to get the word out for them! If you would like to help you can post his button on your blog

by copying and pasting this:" target="_blank">" width="200" height="189" border="0" />

There blog is still new. I'm trying to help them get it up and running as Amy says she isn't computer savvy. We're still getting everything together but figured we could at least start getting the word out there!!! They really are going to be amazing parents! We love you Amy and Rusty!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Festivities 2009

Ok Grandma's, here is the Halloween post you've both been waiting for! We carved pumpkins the night before Halloween and it was fun. Said pumpkins are in a previous post.

Kade was a pirate. Unfortunately I couldn't find boots for him so I had to make shoe covers that looked like boots....they didn't turn out so well.... and his vest in unfinished but just don't notice those two things ok?

It was a battle to get him to keep his earring on and he wouldn't, so he went without. At least I know my son doesn't like to wear jewelry, that can't be bad right?
He loved trick or treating and picking out his candy and putting it in his bag. It was so cute! I love that he actually got it this year! As for Aaron and myself, Aaron was a mental patient and I was his doctor. Boring easy costumes.

After the trick-or-treating some of my best friends from highschool in Utah came over, along with my sis-in-law Serena and we had a little social gathering of sorts. We had yummy halloween treats like home-made rootbeer, caramel corn, apples with caramel dip, cupcakes, caramel apple suckers, muddie buddies, oreo balls, cotton candy, and don't worry a veggie tray! Then we ended the night with Hocus Pocus. Classic!

The best costume of the night...
She's Edward in the sunlight. She put desitin and glitter all over herself. Hilarious.

Kiley and Tyler, the zombies.

That was it. It was a fun night!

Halloween 2009 Video

Pictures coming soon.

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