Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ordering Pizza

You think this might be an easy task. Well last night, Brandon (Aaron's brother) was trying to order pizza on Pizza Hut's website. He is staying with us for a couple weeks by the way. Anyway, an hour later.....seriously.....the order was placed. We had ordered one of their specials that included 2 medium pizzas, bread sticks, cinnamon sticks, and a 2 liter soda. Less than five minutes later this is what happened....

Brandon: "Hello?"
Pizza Hut Employee: "Hi you just placed an order for a pizza with the deep dish crust, well we don't have anymore deep dish crust right now...."

What? Did they get rid of their deep dish pans for one night or something..... anyway continuing on....

B: "Uh, ok, well is it different dough or something? What other crusts are there?"
P: "We only have thin crust right now."
B: "Well we really wanted deep dish, so we should get something for free."
P: "We can credit it."
B: "Ok we'll do that."
P: "Oh and we also don't have tomatoes, bread sticks or cinnamon sticks."

Tomatoes are understandable because of the FDA thing, but seriously they just added to the nonsense.

Brandon can hardly speak because he is laughing at this guy. And he kept calling ingredients, supplies or materials. It was hilarious!

B: "So all you have is cheese and sauce? You still have soda right?"
P: "Yes."
B: "Do you guys still make pizza?"
P: "Ya."
B: "Can we just cancel our order?"
P: "Yes."
B: "You might want to get more supplies so you can actually make pizza."
P: "Ok"

Aaron and I in the mean time are almost wetting our pants because we are laughing so hard! Honestly I think they were just being lazy, and that they just didn't want to do a big order like that. Oh well. Anyway, we ended up calling Dominos and giving them credit for having the "supplies" or "materials" to make pizza.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Blog

So I decided to start a photography blog. I am going to link it to my website as well so clients can see some of their pictures as soon as I am finished editing them! There are only a few posts right now but it will grow.....

Nickell Photography Blog

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


There is something that bothers me a lot and I have noticed it a lot lately! Why do companies find it necessary to put down other companies while trying to advertise for themselves! Just advertise! Don't put down other people and their jobs and what they believe in! It's so retarded!

All I have to say is that I am much more likely to endorse a company if they don't advertise by putting other people down, but advertising by showing what is good about them. Not by what they think is bad about another company. It's just rude. And I wish it didn't happen so often! Sorry I had to vent.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I did a wedding last weekend, and saw these growing in a tree.....random.......just like this post. I just thought it was cool....

Tummy Time

Kade loves tummy time! A lot of babies don't, so I was surprised! I don't know why, he has been so easy! Anyway, he fell asleep and it was pretty cute! He also got a new mat for tummy time. Surprise! He likes that too!!!

Kade's New Friends

Kade met his first friends yesterday! I had to leave early from Ashley's shower to go take bridals, but then after that we had a BBQ at Ashley's with some friends! It was very fun! We like having friends again! I'm sad to say that we were so busy last year that we didn't get to hang out with anyone ever! As a result, friends stopped calling...... Anyway! We are back and ready to party! Or party as much as you can with a new baby! Yay! Here is Kade with his new friends William and Lilianna. They absolutely loved him! It was very cute! I think they are ready for a new baby in their house!


Yesterday was Ashley Bowman's baby shower! Little Wyatt is so close to being here! I didn't get to stay very long, but it was fun while I was there! Here are a few pictures from the shower! Don't worry I know I look like Gigantor in this picture....get over it!

Beez, Ashley, Kade and Sarah

Friday, June 13, 2008

New and Fun!!

I am very pleased to announce that I have a new website! Due to my amazingly talented husband (he taught himself everything about developing websites! It's amazing!) I have a new and improved website! I absolutely love it. I liked my old one too, but this one is far far better! Anyway, check it out!

Nickell Photography

Also check out a few other websites Aaron has designed, he is very talented, and I am very grateful that I have him to do this for me!!!

Artistry Cinema

Aaron Blair Productions (he is also very good at wedding videos!!!)

Laurisa White Reyes

Savvy Esthetics

Robo Trainer

If you know anyone that needs a website let us know!

Monday, June 9, 2008

4 Weeks!

It has been 4 weeks since Kade was born and I can't believe it, and I don't like it! He is getting so big, and while it is fun it is sad! Anyway, a lot has happened in this past week! Here is an update!

First the most devastating of all.....his forehead is no longer as wrinkled as it once was.....we are in mourning.

His umbillical cord fell off a week ago today! Not a second too soon either! Finally my baby has a normal belly button!

Due to his recent "de-cording", Kade had his first bath! I was a little nervous for this, because a lot of babies don't like baths! HE LOVES BATHS! In fact tonight, he was screaming for his life, (or so you'd think) so I gave him a bath, and as soon as he was in the water, he was calm!

He found his fingers! It used to be his entire fist!

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my wonderful husband's birthday! Happy Birthday honey! I'm glad you were born!! So we spent the day relaxing yesterday, I made him waffles, bacon and eggs for breakfast (his choice!), then I took care of Kade, and he just relaxed and had cupcakes for dessert!!! Then today we had our fun day! He went to work for a couple hours, then when he came home we went up to Salt Lake and saw Indiana Jones. (I have to say it was better than everyone is giving it credit for! Yeah, there are a few weird things, but I agree with my Aunt when I say that it is right in line with the others. They stayed true to the original Indiana Jones, it was corny, but entertaining) After the movie we walked around the Gateway Mall, and did a little shopping. We went and played some video games and ate at CPK! (If you have not tried the California Club's a must!)
All in all, we had a good, fun-filled day! Happy birthday Aaron

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kade's Pictures

When Kade was five days old we went to Michele Reyes and got his pictures taken! She is amazing! Here is her website She specializes in infant and child photography! I definitely recommend her. Here are a few of my favorites!

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