Sunday, November 25, 2012


My clever titles must be killing you lately. Don't be jealous. They just come to me. 
I've been dying to post Thanksgiving but I just can't post anything out of natural sequence. So here's Halloween. My least favorite of all holidays. However, it is much more fun with little kids. Kade was so into Halloween this year! Also, the best part of my kids....once trick-or-treating was over, they were over their candy. Well Kade was. Tadd could eat only candy and be happy. Their buckets still have candy in them and they haven't asked for it in weeks! Again, try not to be jealous. 

Tuesday night was our ward Halloween party. The kids all lined up for a costume parade. 
Can we talk about their holding of hands here? Their cuteness kills me. But I'm their mom, so that's a given.
I must say, Tadd's costume was a hit. He was Carl from "UP". Then Kade is obviously Captain America.
Two of my super heroes. Aaron is Kade's hero for dressing up like this. He thought it was the best thing in the world. 
Tadd and I teamed up this year. We were "UP". The whole family was going to do this but we had problems finding costumes and I just didn't have energy to be more creative and fashion them out of what we had. So we settled for two different themes. Super Heroes and a Disney movie.
Tadd didn't quite get the concept at first. Once he did though, we couldn't stop him. He kept running back and forth. Even if it meant repeating houses...over...and over. Their babysitter Lindsay found Aaron and the boys after I had gone back to the house to hand out candy. She then ditched her family and hung out with the boys for a little bit. They LOVE her! She was Polly Pocket.
The weather was pretty nice and the trick or treaters were out in the masses. I am going to miss this neighborhood next year. We have the most amazing neighbors! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tadd Turned 2!

While we were in California in October, we thought we'd take advantage of having so much of our family in one spot. We had an early birthday party for Tadd. We were lucky enough to have all of our family there. We had Brandon, Jeanessa, Melody, Nathan, Hudson, Nana, Grandpa, Kelsey, Daniel, Jordan, Tawnie, Kylee, Becca, Brock and Joe there. (Joe is Brock's very best friend and he's basically just another brother at this point.) We loved having everyone there. We just ate pizza, hung out and did the presents and cake thing. It was so much fun having everyone there!

He wasn't in the greatest mood apparently. When it came time for opening presents, he was not having any of it. He opened one present and then threw a fit when we tried to get him to open more. What? He's crazy. He eventually warmed up to the idea. 

We sang happy birthday and did the candle thing. Don't worry though, Uncle Brock got trick candles...that kept lighting back up...over. and. over. Good job Brock. You tricked a 2 year old. 
Then we ate ice cream cake. Delightful.

Hudson preferred to eat the table.
 He enjoyed the cupcakes and ice cream.
They're vain.
To end the night Uncle Daniel got Tadd his first tattoo. Classy right?

On his actual birthday, we celebrated in a smaller fashion. When he woke up, he was treated with some chocolate chip birthday pancakes. He loved them.
 I promise he loved them.

Then we spent the morning normally. Kade went to school. Tadd napped. When we picked Kade up from school, we went up to the zoo to spend the rest of the evening there. The weather was amazing and the zoo was near empty. We almost felt like we had the place to ourselves! It was absolutely perfect! We took our time going from exhibit to exhibit and the boys were in heaven!
We are so glad Tadd is part of our family. He's always giving kisses and asking to "hold you". His little smile melts me. He absolutely adores Kade and tries to be just like him. He is constantly surprising us by the things he picks up on. He sure brings lots of laughter (and insanity) into our home.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hee Haw Farms 2012

Disclaimer: If you do not like looking at pictures of my family....leave now. 

We took our annual trip to Hee Haw Farms this year. We debated whether or not we should this year. It was a little difficult to find a time to go with our schedules the way they have been and with all that we have going on. However, we found time, and we're so glad! Both boys had so much fun! 
We started with the pony ride. Every time we've gone in the past, the pony ride has been closed. Kade rode it a couple times. He wanted to keep going. 
Tadd only like the pony from afar. 
Shooting corn on the cob. This scared both boys at first because it was so loud, it kind of took them off guard for a minute. Then once Kade saw Aaron do it, he again, was hooked!
At the time of day we got there, there weren't a ton a people there yet. The boys rode the train about 5 times in a row. 
I think this slide was the hit of the evening for Kade. By the end of it, he was going down on his belly and backwards. Over, and over....and over. We got more video of this than photos but it was pretty cute to see him giggling and smiling every. time.

Then we took the hay ride out to the sunflower fields where they have pumpkins for the pickin'. We had just had some cold weather hit fast, and a lot of the big pumpkins had gone bad already but it was still fun to go out there!
Seriously? They're like twins. It's crazy.

The boys searched and searched.
The pumpkin we came home with. 
Waiting for the hayride to come back and pick us up. Kade was pouting. Who knows why. 
Tadd didn't know why either.
We had such a fun family date. After this we went and got hot chocolate, caramel apples and kettle corn, then we home to watch Hocus Pocus. Best. family date. ever.

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