Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Mystery.

Kade again. I don't know what is wrong with this kid. Neither to the doctors. He's had a small lump on his neck for about a month. It first appeared when he was sick and you could really only see it when he'd turn his head and the skin would tighten. Anyway, we figured it was a swollen gland and kind of forgot about it.

Recently I was giving him a bath and noticed a much larger one a little below the first one. We took him to the doctor and the doctor ordered an ultrasound for this morning. The doctor was originally thinking it was something vascular since they kind look like huge bruises, but after the ultrasound we discovered it isn't vascular. That's good because vascular would be surgery BUT not good because we still don't know what it is. The tech said there's some kind of fluid build up, we just don't know what kind of fluid. Anyway, here are some photos of it. They're kind of hard to see in photos.


We had a "party" on New Year's Eve. I quotationed (sure, that's a word right?) it because there were 5 of us. It was just going to be Becca Aaron and myself but then Beez and Harrison invited themselves over and we let them. Ok not really. We invited them. It was fun. We played Mario Party and watched A-Team (the original pilot episode AND the movie). It was super fun. At midnight we cheered and had noise makers and confetti explosions. Like I said, super fun. The end.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Just Happened.

This morning on the baby monitor, I heard Kade go into Tadd's room. I was slightly nervous, because I knew he can climb into his crib, but I wanted to see what happened next. I'm glad I didn't interfere. I then heard the mobile music start going. It wasn't playing I wondered what he was doing. This is what I found...

He'd start the mobile, and then lay next to Tadd and watch it go. When the mobile would stop, he'd get up again and start it again. He loves his brother so much. It's so cute. He's always so concerned when Tadd is crying.

Different story..same idea: One time Kade was in my car with Kelsey. Tadd stayed home with me. Half way into the drive back home, Kade looked at the empty carseat base and said "Oh no! Cici! WHERE'S TADD???" He thought they had left his somewhere and was very nervous about it. He's cute.

That's all.

Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 in Retrospect--Repost!

Here are some highlights from our year. It was a very good and very stressful year. I'm glad it's over and I'm looking forward to 2011! I did this last year and it was fun to look back and see what we had done that year so I decided to do it again this year. Enjoy.

January was SO busy. We had just moved into our home and we were busy fixing a lot of stuff up. There is still quite a ways to go but it looks incredible compared to where we started. We're hoping 2011 brings us a dishwasher in our kitchen. And one that is not a person. With a new dishwasher we'd be getting a new counter too! Hooray!


Melody and Nathan came to visit in February. This was their first visit to our home and we wish we could have spent more time with them but it was still a lot of fun to have them! We hope they come to visit again soon! February was also a big month for us because this was the month we found out we would be adding to our family. Sorry I don't have a picture of the pee-stick. That's gross.


March was pretty uneventful. However, Kade learned that he loves bowling and sidewalk chalk.


The entire month of April was consumed by weddings and other photo-shoots in California! It was a busy but fun month!


Kade turned 2.


Aaron turned THIRTY! Big birthday, not a big party :(. On his birthday we also found out we were having a BOY!


We spent our first 4th alone this year. We spent the morning by riding our bikes down to the Sperry's house to watch the parade. Then we went home and relaxed. Also in July we celebrated our 6th anniversary and I found the most amazing curling iron known to man. (It's so incredible, that I'm including it in this retrospect.) --I can't believe I originally forgot this. We had a family reunion for my mom's side of the family in July. It consumed A LOT of my time. It went surprisingly well and I think everyone had a good time.


We made our second trip to the bay area but first trip to the Oakland temple to do a wedding. It's amazing! We also went on our first family beach outing. I had been to the beach with Kade but Aaron never had. It was SO cold but very fun still!

We bought a bigger car! Also known as "Mama's big car" by Kade.

October was the most exciting month for us this year. Duh.


November was one of the more eventful months for us. We welcomed LOTS of visitors. Most notably, Aaron's parents and brother. This is only the 2nd time Aaron's parents have come to visit us and we were so excited to have them again! They came to visit, meet Tadd and spend Thanksgiving with us. While they were here we ate lots of yummy food, saw the temple lights and just hung out! Aunt Cici (AKA Kelsey) came to visit for a week as well. She spent the whole time spoiling my boys to death. They sure love Aunt Cici.


This year we spent Christmas day with just the four of us and it was absolutely perfect.

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