Thursday, June 27, 2013

Aaron's Birthday.

Aaron turned 33. To start this birthday post off, I am going to list 33 of my favorite things about him.
1. He puts his family's needs above his own
2. His laugh
3. He's easy to talk to.
4. We laugh at each other daily.
5. The sole person on this planet that really really truly knows the real me. 
6. He loves me in spite of #5.
7. He's an incredible dad.
8. I never tire of being around him.
9. Selfless. 
10. He's happy, almost always.
11. He can goof off and have fun.
12. He can hold a serious conversation and act like an adult when necessary.
13. He's sensitive.
14. He's creative.
15. He can teach himself how to do, just about anything.
16. He builds me up. Always.
17. He tells me I'm beautiful, even on my worst days. 
18. He's not afraid to tell me how he feels.
19. His legs. Let's be honest, they're pretty incredible. 
20. His eyes.
21. His hugs. He gives the best hugs. 
22. His determination.
23. He has class. 
24. He respects everyone, even when they don't deserve it. 
25. He forgives easily and quickly.
26. He is a worthy priesthood holder and has been able to bless all three of my boys, and did so        beautifully.  
27. He likes chick flicks. Well, the good ones. If they're super cheesy...not so much, but neither do I.
28. We have the same taste in pretty much everything. Food, music, movies, clothing, home name it. 
29. He's easy going. 
30. He does dishes, without me asking him to, because he knows I have a thing about getting my hands wet. 
31. He cooks, and quite well.
32. He's humble and willing to admit when he's wrong. 
33. He chose me. And that makes me super lucky. 

Let's just say, my boys have the perfect role model.

Aaron's birthday landed on a Saturday this year and he said, "All I want is to go to Sea World." It was kind of a perfect day. We had so much fun with aunt Amy, Uncle T and their family. They live in San Antonio so it was perfect!
Kade and Josh started planning the day out, first thing.
The dolphins were a hit. We almost had to literally drag them away.
Kade wanted to go on the big roller coasters so badly! Next year bud. 
Zach and Kade have really bonded. It's pretty cute. They have become really good friends very quickly!
Max slept through most of the day.
Max was fascinated.
The boys couldn't keep their eyes off of the show.
This was Kade's "silly face." Yeah, it needs some work.
Uncle T, Zach and Emma. I promise they were all happy. 
They're basically twins.
Uncle T loves Max!
After Sea World we went back to the Payne household where we had Rudy's BBQ for dinner, Aaron took a birthday nap and then we had birthday root beer floats because he did not want cake.
It was a perfect day. Except when Kade got really upset because Aaron didn't open any presents. That was just funny.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kade's Birthday Part 2.

Our first Sunday together in Texas was Mother's Day. It was also, more importantly, Kade's birthday. The morning was devoted to me. 
I was served a yummy breakfast, got showered in favorite being the instagram books of each of my boys. (There were two books per boy.) The iPhone wasn't too bad either. Kade picked out an awesome card that lit up and everything. 
Kade got all dress for church and even had his "birthday boy" pin. It was hidden so he was being "super secretive". 
It was also our first Sunday in our new ward. We were all a little nervous. We didn't need to be. Everything went great! Kade was sung to, in primary, for his birthday and everything!

Once we were back at home, Mother's day was officially over. It's all good. We had a very fun little birthday celebration for Kade. 
Kade requested pizza as his birthday dinner. 
He was very ready to open his presents and Tadd likes to copy whatever Kade is doing. 
My family had sent Kade's gifts to him so they were with us via Skype to watch him open his gifts. 
He got an alarm clock that he was thrilled about. Really, he's so weird.
He was so excited about his Transformers cake. 
Making his wish.
Then I was stupid. We gave him his "big present". I only got video. No pictures. He was so so so excited! My parents, and Aaron and I, went in together and got him a power wheel. He's been wanting one forever, Aaron has been wanting to get one since he was little. And Kade is almost too old for one. This was the year. He got it. Finally.
He drove it around all evening and said over and over, "I'm never getting out. Not ever!"

I loved this day.

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