Friday, April 29, 2011

Conan O'Brien?

Look at my little Conan O'Brien look-alike. Scary. Gross.

That's why we did this. I've never regretted it. Not even for a second.

Also, this kid is 6 months old today! What? I know. Weird.

Also, also, I finished my finals for the semester, last night. Go ahead. Cheer.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This is a post about my sisters. I'll post more about the wedding later. You'll just have to be waiting on the edge of your seat for that.

Sister: a female person who belongs to the same group as another or others.

The Jensen's added a new member of the family this month. I now have, yet another sister. And I couldn't be happier.

I haven't always taken full advantage of having sisters. In fact growing up, sadly, I thought I'd be better off with only brothers. I think part of that is that I was so much older than two of them....emotionally, much older than Kelsey as well. (just growing up. :)) However, the more I've grown up, the more I've learned to appreciate each of them differently and love them unconditionally. I have a pretty incredible group of sisters.

Kelsey: There were many occasions, growing up, where I may or may not have wanted to kill her. We butted heads...sometimes literally. We made each other bruise and bleed on more than one occasion. She was not even close to my favorite person. People always told us, "You hate each other now, but just wait. You'll be best friends when you grow up."...then I'd laugh. However, now, I think we're pretty close to that. I talk to her more than any of my sisters. She has become one of my best friends. I feel like I can tell her just about anything. She is one of the most genuine, generous people I know. I'd trust her with my life.

Kylee: Oh Kylee. The laughs she gives me. When I moved out, Kylee was only 11. The past couple of years I've gotten to know her a lot better and we have so much fun together! It sounds so strange to say I've "gotten to know my sister". But when you're 18 and 11, there's a huge age gap in interests as well as emotions. Anyway, I've really enjoyed when she comes up and visits us for a week here and there. We always laugh a lot. Her laugh is incredibly contagious.

Becca: Everyone always tells us we're a lot alike. I don't mind being categorized with the smartest kid in our family. I'm so proud of her and her determination to make good choices and not be ashamed of them. She's never been embarrassed of her standards or religion! I admire that incredibly! Becca was only 9 when I moved out, so just as Kylee, I didn't really know her very well. We've become much closer in the recent years and I'm grateful for the relationship we have.

Each of my sisters is SO different. I love them each for different reasons and can't imagine my life without them. Good job mom, for continuing to get knocked up.

Now we have a new sister and I love her just the same.

Tawnie: There are so many reasons I love her, aside from her impeccable taste in television sitcoms, the very biggest reason is that she makes my brother incredibly happy. Jordan had a rough couple of years where he just wasn't himself. He didn't seem happy. Now that he's with her, he smiles and laughs more. His face lights up whenever she's around and it does my heart good. Watching him kneel across from his bride and commit to her for eternity was an incredible feeling and I'm so glad I was there to see it. Their wedding day was beautiful! I'm excited to continue to get to know her better and Aaron says he's excited that he finally has an "in-law friend". Because apparently he was SO excluded in family things before. Whatev.

In short, I love my sisters. ALL of them. I'm so lucky to have them in my life and so happy to welcome a new one to the family!

PS, I've started using film more often. I'm a little bit in love...there may be a transition soon...maybe. I don't know if I'm that brave yet.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I got my hairs did. As you can see, it was a nasty mess. So I called Caitlyn, for some much needed hair care.

Here's the after. I'm quite pleased. Caitlyn thinks I'm a hater, I'm sure. When all was said and done....I was a little hesitant. I haven't had bangs since...the last time it was cool....wait. No, since 6th grade. Anyway, I got the change I wanted and I dig it.

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