Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Party

The weekend before Christmas was our ward Christmas party. With our ward being so newly established, no one really has callings yet. Or no one did, when we had the party. Anyway, there was a group of ladies (including me) that were asked to plan the party. We went with a casual theme and had a "Pancakes and Pajamas Picnic". It was so fun for the kids and pretty easy as far as planning went. 
 We had a cute little photo booth where we could take our own photos.
 The bishopric dressed up as the three wisemen and gave us a message.
 This photo is not particularly good, it's rather blurry. Max just looks too funny not to share it though.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Happenings

Last weekend we had quite the eventful weekend. We had lots of Christmas stuff packed all into 3 (ish) days.

Friday it started with cookies with Santa at Kade's school. 
Kade was over the moon-excited! Tadd... not so much. In fact lately, he's been telling me, "No Santa movies. Those are too scary for me. Just happy, kid movies."
Max was very intrigued. 
Then they got to decorate and eat sugar cookies. I thought it was really cute when Kade was trying to help Tadd. 
There had been a "severe weather alert" for a couple of days. We were supposed to get freezing rain. This being our first winter in Texas, it was humorous to me, the panic that came with cold weather. Notes, emails and Kade telling me over and over, "It's going to be cold, I need to dress warm." So dress warm, what's the big deal? It did get pretty cold, and there were icicles! I kept saying that winter was meeting me half way. We really are missing the snow. I know everyone in the snow right now thinks we are crazy, but it just doesn't feel like Christmas time. 
Aaron and I keep saying we broke Texas. So far no season (since we've been here) has been "normal". Kade was in. heaven. with this cold weather!
Saturday we put up lights in our yard, it was definitely cold. 
We also learned that Tadd is not built for cold weather. He cannot handle it. 
Kade said he wasn't cold at all. He also insisted on the ski-goggles to keep his eyes from getting frozen. 
That night we headed to Burnet, with Katie and Adam, to go to a Nativity production. However, "because of the cold weather" it was canceled. So we drove to Round Rock and looked at Christmas lights!
Monday night we did graham cracker houses. They are the poor man's (or lazy man, you choose) gingerbread house. For the houses themselves we worked with what we had, both supplies and skills. Then the Lewis' came over and we had a lot of fun decorating with the kids! I was sort of surprised though that houses made of candy held the attention of the adults longer than it did the kids. Oh well. It was still fun and then we ended the night with a Christmas book and a video about Christ's life. 
Max was pretty sure he needed to be jealous about something, he just didn't know what because he couldn't see the table. He kept screaming at us to get our attention though. 
All the houses. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

And Just Like That... It's Christmas Time

Thanksgiving came. We celebrated. On Black Friday though, we packed it up, kicked it out, and invited Christmas.  We only have the one tree this year so decorating went relatively quickly. 
This will be Max's first Christmas. He's nearly as old as possible to be celebrating a first Christmas. I'm pretty excited. I think it will be a fun Christmas. 
Aaron got a bloody nose during a failed attempt of Kade putting the star on the tree... So we scratched our previous plan and Aaron put it up himself. Tissue in the nose and all. 
All day, following the decorating, Tadd would motion toward the tree and say, "Welcome to Christmas tree!" It was hilarious. This is such a fun age for holidays!

It definitely feels more like Christmas around these parts. 

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