Saturday, March 17, 2012

We're So Lucky.

We got hit. By a leprechaun. Our food was green. It still tasted delicious.
His faces kill me. Dead.
Aaron has zero green in his wardrobe. Aside from the stripped green tie.
Cute lips? Yes.
Green milk. Green sippy cup. Green plates.
I promise the pancakes were green. They were light green. Like a mint green. I'm really grateful they weren't mint pancakes. That would be gross.
My cute green boys.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

This Happened.

When you're purchasing baby items for the first buy everything. At least we did. Also, we bought it in the largest sizes the store carried. Friends, let me tell you, this not a good idea! Turns out, you don't use every product made for babies. Gasp. Crazy right? Even if you do use it, there's a good chance you're not going to use it every day. Which brings me to my point.

When we were pregnant with Kade, we bought a gigantic bottle of baby powder. He's almost 4. That bottle is nearly full. Or, at least it was. Until, today. Today became the day I regretted that stupid over-sized bottle of baby powder.

You see? Kade and Tadd, they're brothers. And as brothers do, they fight. All. the. time. Therefore, when they're playing quietly together, I don't bother them. As I've learned that bothering them, is the kiss of death. When they play nicely, I'm afraid to move. I don't want to disrupt whatever has aligned just right, as to make them play oh so well, together. Today, not bothering them was my second biggest mistake. (Just to make sure you're still with me, the bottle of baby powder was my first biggest mistake.)

Here's why:
I vacuumed Kade's shoe only half way. For you. So you can see just how much powder was covering the entire room.
It's like a crime scene.
That "haze" you're seeing in the room...powder. It has no where else to fall. When I opened the door it was like I got hit with a cloud of that white garbage.
He explaining that this all happened because Tadd wanted to play with him. I guess he wanted me to regret their spending time together.

Obviously they had to be cleaned.

Creepy baby smile? Yes.

***And just to clarify, Kade does NOT sleep on a bare mattress. His sheets are in the wash. Just to clarify.***

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oh What A Night.... ehh Evening.

We've had a rough couple of days. Scratch that. We've had a rough couple of months. Life's been filled with too many sickness, too much work and not enough time spent as a family. Aaron and I are trying to make things different this year. Last year was a mess. I don't even remember most of it and when midnight struck on the new year, I was counting down for different reasons. I could not wait for 2011 to be over. However, getting things back on track and spending time we the way we wanted to spend it, took longer than expected. Here we are, into March, and we're finally where we want to be.

Whoa. What was that? I got on here to post pictures of our walk this evening and suddenly got all dark on ya. Anyway. We went on a walk this evening. And it was blissful. Today was beautiful!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Valentines Day

On Valentines day Aaron and I actually got to go on a date! It's incredible really. We're not great at taking time in our schedules to date. Boo. BUT we did on Valentines day. Also, this whole "if I hate Valentine's day, I must be awesome" thing annoys me. Who cares if it's a made up holiday or a ruse by corporations to get us to spend money and go out to dinner. Should love be celebrated everyday? Yes. But the fact is, it's not. Plus, I like it when my husband buys me flowers and takes me on dates. It's fun. Don't hate.

We just went to dinner. It was a school night and we didn't want to keep our awesome babysitter out too late. Dinner was perfect. We went to Chef's Table in Orem. It was delightful.

We had an awesome view with awesome food.
My mouth waters when I think about this food. It was so delicious. Dinner was completed with complimentary sparkling cider and truffles.
Also, really yummy dessert that I devoured. Seriously. So. Good.
The restaurant even gave me a rose. Did they give every woman a rose that night? Possibly. I'm pretending like that's not true.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

How Could I Have Forgotten?

At Christmas time, we had a tree. We also decorated the tree. Crazy, right?

Kade has always been in to Christmas. However, this year was unlike the years before. He was obsessed. That's probably an understatement. Christmas movies/music were constantly on in the car or at home. Sometimes he'd go sit by the tree and just look at it. There was an ornament that played the theme music for Christmas Vacation and he would go play it and dance around all. the. time. He's still singing Christmas songs! Every Christmas song is his "thathorite song". He asked to go look at lights all the time and he absolutely loved decorating the tree!
Tadd would have hindered more than helped so we strapped him down. Don't worry. We were humane about it. We even fed him.
He also enjoyed hamming it up for the camera.
Kade was pretty tuckered out. Decorating a tree can be hard work.

We went and saw Santa. If I had a bigger blog following, I'd hesitate a little more about telling you where we went. However, I'm pretty sure there are fewer than 5 of you so I'll say. We went to the Riverwoods. This Santa is the bomb dot com. Seriously. There was NO line and I could take as many pictures as I wanted. He sat there and talked the them for a while. Kade was in heaven! Plus, look at his getup! Santa's got ringlets. Geez, he was the best.
The Riverwoods often has live entertainment on the weekends as well and everyone was having fun dancing to the music. Especially Kade, he was out there alone for a good amount of time.
Ok, there. Now I'm REALLY finished blogging about Christmas.

The End.

Also, over use of the word also? Yep.

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