Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm messed up!

So I need a little comfort. I am getting really frustrated with medicine. I'm grateful for it...most of the time. I am also very jealous of people that have a low tolerance for medicine. My co-worker was telling me that when she takes even tylenol, it knocks her out. Then there is me....I am now going on my third round of antibiotics for an ear infection that I have had for a little over three months. I finished a 14 day round of anitbiotics on Sunday, and went to the doctor yet again, yesterday. When he looked into my ear, these were his words..."Wow, it is still really infected!" What is wrong with me? Does anyone else have this problem? No amount of antibiotics has seemed to help thus far! Aaron calls my bedside table, my "pharmacy"! It's absurd! I hope I'm not the only one.....

Oh...p.s. Don't fret, I won't OD, I have double checked to make sure that none of them interfere with eachother......

Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

So I know we are a day late. But we had company over last night, and then we were really tired. But I had planned on posting this yesterday! We just wanted to say Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Melody and Nathan! Hope it's been a great year!
Love Nickell and Aaron

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


It is a love hate relationship. Looking at the weather forecast, I see a lot of snow in the near future, and my heart is breaking. I can't stand to drive in these weather conditions. I don't like not having control. Imagine that! But then I come home last night, and the sun is setting, and this is what I see. How can I NOT love snow.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My New Best Friend!

I am a very light sleeper, and being pregnant has made getting a good night's sleep even more difficult. You become terribly uncomfortable. But I have found my new best friend. I had seen this before, and thought it was a little too ridiculously priced for a stupid pillow. Oh how I was wrong! Aaron's cousin had me try hers when we were spending the night there a couple weeks ago, and I haven't ever slept better! It was incredible! I immediately went and spent the $50 for one of my very own! This thing is possibly the greatest pregnancy invention ever! I thought that just a regular body pillow would do, and no, there is no comparison! Just thought I would share this information, since so many people I know are pregnant right now! It's totally and completely worth the money! Here is a picture of it. I thought I would post it, plus I think the lady is super attractive! ;) I'm thinking of doing my hair like that from now on.....

Saturday, January 19, 2008


One of the few things we got to do when we were in California, was go bowling. My family hasn't been bowling together in years! Mostly because it is so stinking expensive to go bowling in California...not joking it's ridiculous! Aaron and I paid for shoe rentals for the family, and it was $40! That didn't include any part of the game! Stupid....Anyway, we had a lot of fun. Bowling while pregnant is not so easy though. Brandon, Aaron's brother came with us. He bowls funnier than anyone I have ever seen bowling. He approaches the lane normally, and at the last second, he kind freaks out, and does this weird spasm looking release. It looked like he was slipping, but not letting the slipping prevent him from getting that bowling ball down the lane. Eventually he did slip. It was pretty hilarious!

Here is Brandon, this isn't even the time he fell either, though it looks like he is about to. Seriously, that's what he looked like everytime. Hilarious!

Aaron was quite distraught, but ended up beating me for the first time ever! I didn't even break 100. It was so sad. :(

My dad is very proud of his bowling technique. He always trys to teach us how to do it. None of us care, so we can't. He grew up in Idaho, where there is not much else to do but go bowling!

Family Pictures!

When we were in California over the weekend, we decided to take some family pictures. I have to say, for being taken with the help of our trusty tripod, it turned out pretty well.

This was everyone waiting while I got my tripod set up, and checked lighting....they were bored....

The boys wanted to do a picture with a serious face. They didn't want to smile, but then it didn't last very long.....

Everytime I mention my family's dog, everyone that knows my mom is shocked they have one. Well here he is. Their dog, who acts just like a joke!

Friday, January 18, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding!

So yesterday one of my best friends from high school, Erin Tanner got married! They looked so happy, and it was a perfect day despite the freezing cold temperatures! I am so happy for them. The reception was so fun, I got to see lots of people I haven't seen in about 4 or 5 years!

My Favorite Subject

My favorite person to take photos of, is my husband. I have to admit, I like him a lot! Here are a few I took last weekend in California, he isn't smiling because it was bright, and he doesn't so much like me taking pictures of him! But I love it!

Engagements on the Beach

I had the first time pleasure of taking pictures on the beach this past weekend. It was very fun, but very windy, and for those of you who know me well, I am not a fan of the beach. But the pictures turned out great, and it was really fun to get a new scene for pictures! On the way out there we saw a pick-up full of oranges, and I thought it was amazing enough first, to take a picture of, and second to share! So here you are. These are also a few of my favorite pictures that were taken. I have purposely not put up any pictures showing their faces, just to hide their identity. I don't know how they would feel having me put pictures of them up. So there you have it.

Friday, January 11, 2008


I have to admit, I was looking more forward to buying baby girl items, over baby boy. However, registering for our baby boy made me quite excited and a little overwhelmed! It's amazing how you can feel totally prepared emotionally, and then walk into a baby store and feel completely inadequate to be a parent. There were items there that I didn't even know existed, let alone what they were used for. Suddenly I started going into panic mode, and wanted to burst into tears...(I'm sure the pregnancy hormones didn't help that!) Then I just had to remember that back in the day, these things didn't exist, and children still lived! Once I got that into my brain, and reassured myself that I am probably a lot more capable than a lot of first time mothers out there, (considering all my younger siblings I took care of SO many times!) it started to become so fun! There are so many choices though, and I have a hard time making decisions. Aaron particularly enjoyed having the scanning duty! If we liked something and wanted to put it on our registry, we scan the bar code, and Aaron loved that responsibility!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


It's been a crazy year, full of weddings, school, and other miscellaneous projects! After probably the busiest year of our lives, we are gladly welcoming 2008, and what is to come!

On New Year's Eve this year we went to Colin and Sarah Farmer's house, and hung out with them, and Ashley and Brandon Bowman! I think I could have eaten the night away. I lately have been feeling famished all the time! While the guys played their video games in the basement, we girls watched a movie called Waitress. It is extremely depressing, sometimes weird, but overall I liked it. I would have to be selective about the people I recommended it to though. There are some people I know that wouldn't like it. After that Ashley and Brandon left at 11:30....we were all very tired! The rest of us blankly stared at the TV waiting for midnight! One question that was on all our minds though, that I will ask all readers....why a ball drop? What is the purpose. If any of you know I would be delighted to find out!

New Year's Day was spent at my aunt and uncle's (Randy and Julie). We fried a turkey and ate lots of good food. This picture is one taken of my cousin Ryan while he was frying the turkey....kudos to Aaron for this shot! After lunch we had homemade ice cream! It was splendid! That night the young married couples decided to go see a movie. We saw P.S. I Love You. Once again, sometimes very weird. But I liked it, and would again be selective with whom I would recommend it! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Christmas was a little different for us this year. Both of our immediate families live out of state, and we decided to save money, and stay here. The family we usually spend Christmas with here also decided to go out of state, so we spent Christmas with just the two of us. It was quite fun! Christmas Eve we got Panda Express take out, brought our mattress into our front room, and watched Christmas movies until we fell asleep! We watched Prancer, and Christmas Story! It was very relaxing! It was the least stressful Christmas EVER! That night I was waking up every hour, because I was too when you are pregnant....sleeping is difficult! At 6:30 I woke up and helped "Santa" put Aaron's presents under the tree. He cares a little more about the surprise element than I do. Then I woke him up. He opened a few presents, and then we made breakfast! Homemade donuts and hot chocolate! It was delicious! Then the most exciting part of our day took place. We got to open the present that contained the gender of our unborn! As our previous post stated, we are having a boy. Something we were both very surprised to find out. So our little baby Austin Kade Blair will be arriving in May! While we were opening that present we were doing a webcam with each of our families. That made the day and moment more special since we were so far away from each other. After we opened our much anticipated gift, we watched Aaron's parents open up the present we sent to them. We made them memory books that we had put a lot of time into, and we would have been devastated to miss the reactions on their faces! Aaron's dad even got teary eyed...something Aaron says he has never seen happen....EVER! The time we put into those books was definitely worth the reaction we got! We talked to our families a little longer, and then proceeded to have our own little Christmas! It was so much fun to just have the two of us. We opened our presents, and then QUICKLY cleaned the mess that happened. I had to take a picture of the disaster though just to remember it! I'm a bit OCD, and was going a little crazy in the mess. But what is Christmas without a little bit of a mess?

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