Monday, June 13, 2011

Once Upon A Time... (Part 1)

It was a very eventful month. The month was April. It was grand.

My little brother Jordan, married Tawnie. The day was beautiful and it was pretty much a party all weekend. (I have just posted a few pictures. If you would like to see a few more, and a more extensive post....go HERE)
By far the hardest wedding I have ever done. Being the groom's sister and all. However, it was so fun and I loved being with them the whole 2 days!

This is my favorite photo of the day. Don't ask why. I have, not a reason, just a feeling.

Brock and Aaron were two of Jordan's groomsmen. Awe, cute.

Kade loves his new Aunt Tawnie. LOVES her! So do we!
We couldn't stop this kid. He's uncontrollable. He was cuttin' a rug the whole night.

Also in April, Utah became a beautiful place again. I'm sorry, but March has got to be the ugliest month in all of Utah. And most of the country, I'm sure. It's between the snowy winter and the blossoms of Spring. Thank goodness April eventually got here.
We also got some visitors! Aaron's little sister Serena graduated from BYU and so his parents came for her graduation.

Because they were here just a couple weeks before Kade's birthday, we had a birthday party for him. We went to Trafalga, ate food that wasn't so tasty but had a fun time playing in the arcade, riding the go-carts and other little rides.

Kade wanted to go on this ride "so so so much" the whole night.

It was Easter
My most favorite of all the Holidays. I love it.

One great thing about Easter is that it is always on Sunday. The boys always get new suits to wear on Easter Sunday. I love dressing these boys for church. I'm all for actually dressing them for church.
Kade got some killer sunglasses in his Easter basket. He was really excited to match grandpa.
So there you have it. Our very small update of April.
There's more to come. It's too overwhelming to do all at once so this is all you get for now.

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