Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Big First!

I'm pretty sure Kade just aged about a thousand years today.

He started his first day of pre-school. We kept him out of it last year because I couldn't justify spending money to have someone else teach him things he already knew, like his colors, numbers, letters etc. But this year, we could just tell he was itching to start school. It will be good for him to learn classroom structure, and social skills. Plus he'll learn how to read this year too, so that's pretty awesome. He has been counting down the days and couldn't have been more excited to let go of my hand and enter his classroom today.

Playing with toys before class started. He was so happy to be there he could barely take enough time to say goodbye to me. I loved it! I'm so happy he's excited to learn and spend time with other kids! I'm also so glad he's not the shy kid hanging onto my leg.

Yay Kade!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Brandon and Jeanessa Got Married...Almost A Month Ago

We were in CA for Brandon and Jeanessa''s wedding last month. I honestly don't remember most of the day...I felt....not great. BUT I do remember that it was a beautiful wedding! 

 Everyone waiting for them to come out. 
 The boy cousins, being crazy. 
 Mr. & Mrs. Blair! 
The whole group.
 Just the Blair family.
 Blair girls, new and old.
With all the nieces and nephews. Minus 1.
 Lytles and Connellys
 Simonsens and Pellegrins
 We had to make sure Tadd got a picture with his girlfriend. He loves, loves, loves Aunt "Sessa". Kade was a good little assistant for Aaron while Aaron was in the photos.
 The groomsmen. 

Now just some of the newlywed couple.

The reception location, her dress, the centerpieces...everything went so well together. She did a great job tying her theme all together.
 Kade started drinking a Coke...I'm not really sure how he got his hands on it, but he brought it to me and told me "this is gross for me." I've never been more proud. 
 The nephews all had fun playing dress up at the photo booth.
 During the grand entrance, they had all the nephews (minus Tadd and Brayden) run out dancing. It was hilarious. They all got really into it!
 Aaron gave a great toast. He cried. Of course. 
 Kade made sure to dance with Jeanessa multiple times. 
 Daniel and Brock got down with some super awesome dance moves.
Lucky for me, Daniel is also an awesome brother in law and took my camera from me for the second half of the reception. He's shot receptions for me before so I was comfortable with him taking over. He got some great stuff and I got to sit down for a while and rest. 
 Thank goodness for Kelsey and Becca all day. Becca helped at the temple and first part of the reception, then when she was wiped out, she went home and Kelsey took over with the kids. They saved our kids lives I'm sure. 
 He was getting so groovy he was ripping clothes off.
 Darrell had a lot of fun.
They left with a sparkler exit that continued to be fun for the boys long after their car was gone.

If you want to see more of the wedding details and more of the couple, you can visit my photo blog.
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