Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kenneth Barry Lauritzen

Just 8 days after returning from my Aunt's funeral in San Antonio, I got the news that my grandpa had passed away unexpectedly. Very unexpectedly. We had just seen him, in San Antonio. I immediately burst into tears, which scared Aaron to death.

On January 5, 2014 at only 73 years old, my Grandpa Barry passed away. He was a spiritual giant. He was such a wonderful grandpa.

He and Grandma always made it to every wedding and baptism. Together they were so good at showing their support to their children and grandchildren. Even if it meant driving across the country.

He wrote an email to me, every month on the 4th. When he first started doing this, he told me he wanted to know each of his grandchildren better, as well as have them know who he is, aside from Grandpa. I learned so much more about his life and his growing up in Idaho. He'd update me with the happenings of the family, ask about our lives and what were up to. Always though, in every email, he bore his testimony. Then he'd end every email with,

"I love you Nickell.  God bless you and your family always.
Grandpa Lauritzen"

He always had my back. My grandma would go on and on about how lucky I was to have Aaron, and she's right. I am very lucky. But my grandpa would always chime in and say, "I think he got pretty lucky too." 

I never doubted for one second that he loved his family. He gave the best hugs. I loved sitting next to him on the couch or holding his hand. He always gave great advice and great comfort in times of trouble. 

He loved doing puzzles. He'd always steal a piece and put it in his pocket. That way he'd be the one to finish the puzzle. At his funeral, each of his children took a puzzle piece from a different puzzle and stuck it in his pocket. Now, when ever they do those puzzles, they'll know where the last piece is.

I can't help but think of the last time I saw him. He was standing outside of my Aunt Amy's house, waving goodbye to everyone as they drove away. I walked back, realizing I hadn't said goodbye yet. I went and gave him a big hug and told him how much I loved him. I'm so grateful that those were the last words I said to him. 

He is already sorely missed. 

Barry Lauritzen

1940 - 2014 | Obituary 
Kenneth Barry Lauritzen, beloved husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather, passed away on January 5, 2014 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Barry was born on May 26, 1940 in Saint Anthony, Idaho. He was the eldest of five children born to Kenneth and Florence Lauritzen.

Barry graduated from Mullan High School in Mullan, ID in 1958. He then went on to graduate from Brigham Young University with a degree in Political Science. He was happy to serve a full time mission for the LDS Church in Alberta, Canada.

He spent much of his adult life working in contract administration/management for aerospace companies. He worked very hard to provide for his wife of 49 ½ years and 9 children.

Barry was a meat and potatoes kind of guy. He loved learning, teaching, and filling in crossword puzzles in pen. His greatest joy was spending time and talking with his family. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Barry leaves behind his loving wife, Linda; children, Kristi (Lloyd) Jensen, Jeny (Mark) Grierson, Amy (Tarquennis) Payne, David (Tricia) Lauritzen, Mindy (Jason) Brown, Heidi (Jason) Parkinson, Holly (Matt) Emerson, Matt (Amanda) Lauritzen, 37 grandchildren, and 8 great grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his oldest daughter Lori Diaz-De-Lope-Diaz and his parents.

Funeral services will be held Saturday, January 11, 2014 at 1:00 pm preceded by a viewing from 11:30am -12:30pm at the LDS Church located at 8710 Lexington Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80920. There will also be a graveside service held in Springville, UT where he will be interred.
- See more at:

We were lucky enough to be able to make the drive to Colorado Springs for the funeral services. I am so glad. It's something I needed. It didn't feel real to me. I had just seen him and he was fine! 

When thinking about this post, I went back and forth about whether or not to post pictures from the viewing. Ultimately, I have decided I will. If that makes you uncomfortable, skip them. 

The day of the funeral was so beautiful. 

This is Grandma, with all of her grandchildren, 3 out of 6 of her grandchildren's spouses, and 6 out of 8 of her great-grandchildren.
After the funeral services, we had a very nice family dinner that was put on by the Relief Society in Grandma's ward. We were also able to watch a video Aaron put together as a tribute to my Grandpa. 
We are so grateful for each one of these ladies and their service that day. 
I was asked to photograph the house as it was left. I said, "of course." I didn't know how difficult it would be. But I'm glad I did it. 
I think Spencer needs that hat. Permanently. 
I wanted to get a few photos of everyone gathered at the house too. While there was a lot of sadness surrounding the weekend (as well as the last time we'd all gotten together for Lori's funeral.) There was still a lot of joy. We were happy to at least all be together. 
Uncle T was so excited that it snowed! I was too, I've missed snow a lot!
I've included a few collages of some of my favorite pictures of my Grandpa. 

This was the last family picture that we got. Since this picture we've added three spouses to grandchildren, 2 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. 
We love you so much Grandpa and miss you dearly. We're so grateful that families can be together forever!

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