Friday, September 6, 2013

The First Day.

I posted about his first day already. Or at least the part where I dropped him off. As I walked away I saw the face of a child that was unsure. I knew he was excited but he was a little nervous. I half expected him to come running off of the bus, into my arms. Instead, I was told...

"I had so much fun, I didn't even miss you."


But really, I am so glad he didn't miss me. Of course I want him to stay my little buddy forever. But I really don't. I think each child is at the age they're at for the perfect amount of time. I really love seeing Kade (and all of my kids, really.) learn new things and understand things that he didn't before. Don't get me wrong, I'm in no hurry to have him grown up and on a mission or married. I'm just happy with where he is in life right now.

Kade with the chalkboard sign. Aren't I so creative?
Tadd insisted he be part of the photo. Weird right?

This is when he started getting really overwhelmed. 
Here is his little video all complete.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Few More Random Things

Just some pictures of the boys taking a bath. They love "play baths" not "get clean baths".  If we have spare time they get to play and they love it. But with our time management skills, it's usually a hurry and get clean because we have to go, bath. 
It's been tradition in our house, since Kade was born, that dad does bedtime. And he always has, plus or minus a few nights when he's not home. He reads them stories, sings them songs, and mostly just spends time with his boys. This is how Tadd enjoys his reading time with dad. 
If Kade gets all of his chores done, he gets to play his ds for a little bit before bed. 

I've gotten so bad at taking pictures with my actual camera. It is my goal to take more this next month. Of my kids. Obviously.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Post About Kade.... Again

I feel like so many of my posts have been revolving around Kade lately. But honestly, he's just had the most going on. This summer, we signed him up for a little t-ball league. It's a league done by one of the local churches here and it's not a big deal. However, Kade had a blast. Every time it was over, he begged and begged to stay longer. He absolutely loved it.  Here are a few pictures from his last day. Is his technique perfect? Not even close. I don't care. He had fun anyway. 

Here's something about Tadd. Lately, he will sleep anywhere, but, his bed. One day I went in to check on him during a nap. I couldn't find him anywhere. He wasn't in his usual spots. Then I happened upon this. 
 The photo on the left. I saw his little hand sticking out from under the bed. He made himself a little bed under Kade's bed. He's such a funny kid.

Now here is something about Max. 
He's still my happiest kid. And he's pretty cute to boot. That dimple kills me daily. 

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