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Once Upon A Time... (Part 2)

If you are interested in reading part 1, it can be found HERE.

This post is mostly going to be pictures. I'll have captions on some but mostly I'm just trying to get caught up on the "documenting my kid's lives" part of my life. Read... or don't. :)

This took me forever. I don't want to spell check. Forgive typos please. :)

These both are actually quite old. But I liked them anyway.

For Kade's birthday we kind of made it into a big deal. He doesn't have a lot of friends (or any really) that he see's outside of church, so we made his birthday a few days of celebrating and just having fun family time! The first thing we did is go to the Children's Discovery Museum at the Gateway in Salt Lake. The photo above is of Kade putting balls into tubes that go all over the place. They made him nervous at first but he thought it was amazing!

Tadd hung out.

They have a life-flight helicopter on the roof of the museum. The kids are allowed to get inside and push whatever buttons they want and Kade thought that was the greatest idea ever!

This was my favorite part of the museum when I was growing up. The mini-grocery store. Kade and I went shopping and then Tadd worked the register.

Birthday Boy! This is the morning of his birthday!

He had previously called my mom and dad and sister Kelsey. He told them to come visit him for his birthday. Kelsey responded with "Oh Kade, you're cute! I miss you!" He then said to her, "No, don't miss me. Come to my house for my birthday." So they made the trip. He got lots of good presents and loved having Nana and Grandpa, Cici (Kelsey), Becca and Brock there for his special day.

He got his first bike for his birthday! Don't worry, we make him wear a helmet and shoes when he rides.
We had burgers and hot dogs, fruit, corn on the cob. Little Spring BBQ.
At one point, somehow, his balloons became detached from his chair and floated away. This created quite the drama and he couldn't focus on anything but the balloons in the sky. Dad saved the day though and "flew up in the sky" to go retrieve them. (Or to the store to buy some more.)

He already had a big cake when Grandma and Grandpa Blair were here, so we went with cupcakes on the actual birthday.

THEN...... Then next month (june)
Aaron turned 31. I'm lame and only took this one picture apparently. I can't find any others.

We tried to enjoy the Summer as much as we could. It's my busiest time of year so we don't always get to spend a lot of family time together but we did what we could, including shave ice, the water park and picnics.

Seven Peaks always wipes Tadd out. He loves it though!

Cherries from our cherry trees, pretty mountain drives, walking our NEW DOG in the evenings. We acquired a dog this Summer. We love him. Especially when he doesn't run away!

On the Fourth of July we went boating with Mark, Jeny and Tara. Kade was sad that we didn't catch Nemo but he loved being on the boat.
While we were doing fireworks that evening, Kade was thoroughly disinterested. He wanted to work on the dog house that Aaron was building.
Tadd got so excited every time a firework went off.

Tadd got stuck at church and it was funny. Kade went on his first plane ride he'll remember. He's been on a plane before but was too little to remember. And Aaron got some pretty flowers for me for our 7th anniversary this year!

We got awesome Summer storms this year. One in particular that hit fast and hard. The streets pretty much flooded. It was awesome! We love storms and rain around this house!

Lindsay and Kade went puddle jumping!

Our beast of a TV died. We weren't sad about it. Not even kind of. The "beast" was ridiculously heavy and an absolute nightmare to move! The new TV is much nicer and lighter! PLUS our family room feels HUGE now!

Tadd spent the Summer exploring and climbing. (sometimes getting stuck)

Kade was hilarious again. (In the photo above, he's sitting on a foot massager.)

He loves cuddling and watching movies!

Tadd isn't a cuddler. He just wants to be moving and playing all the time. So when he cuddles, I take it. I love it!

In September I had my first wedding at the Washington DC LDS Temple! It was my first time to the DC area and SO much fun! Aaron came with me and we had the morning to explore around the area where the temple is. We found this antique street that had a gazillion antique stores and little cafe's and such.

More snuggle time. :)

The YW and YM were in charge of the ward's Trunk-or-Treat this year. We had high hopes for the decor of our car and it fell short. Oh well, it was still fun. We had a cauldron of home-made rootbeer. That equals yummy smelling fog!

This is Tess and Lindsay. Tess is the YW president and Lindsay is one of my Laurels. They are also mother and daughter, Kade adores both of them! He kept calling Lindsay, "green Tron".

Aaron was dressed as Gumby. He was the hit of the night. All the kids kept trying to guess who he was. It was so fun!
My friend Katy and her little boy Aiden came to go trunk or treating with us. Kade and Aiden are good buddies.

On Halloween, I went along trick or treating for a few houses and then went home to hand out candy while the boys continued on. This was our doorway. I was pretty proud of my spider webs.

There. I'm almost caught up. Thank goodness. Good job if you lasted until the end.

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