Thursday, September 15, 2011


I was recently complimented on how polite Kade is. Though at times, he's quite the bully, he almost always says please or thank you. He says "bless you" when someone sneezes, he says "excuse me" when someone is in his way or he is in theirs and most of the time he is not prompted to do so.

I was so happy to receive this compliment. If I fail to do anything else in this world, I would hope that I can at least raise a respectful and polite child. (We're still working on the respectful part.) I would much rather be complimented on my child's politeness rather than his "cuteness". Though I'd like to think he has both. It just does my heart good. Plus, what's cuter than a little boy saying please and thank you? Not much I tell you.

So thanks for the compliment friend. It made my day.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For Now.

I'm working like crazy. Which is good, although it has caused me to be lacking in the record keeping department of my life. Journals, neglected. Photo-taking of my own children, neglected. This blog, neglected. Summer is winding down though and I will be back on top of things soon. Until then, get a load of this guy. Geez, he's got my heart.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Forgot.

Two other quite eventful things happened in April. I will give you a little back story.

When we bought our Pathfinder, it came with an automatic starter. This was something on our "it would be nice if it had this feature" list when we were car shopping. But it wasn't something we absolutely had to have. This was also not something we found out about until we came home with said Pathfinder. I have a few issues, one of them is that I prefer to hit the lock button on my car remote, 3 times. I like to have assurance that my car is definitely locked. Those three beeps give me just that. When we came home with our new car, we all got out and I proceeded to hit the lock button three times. It caught us all off guard when the car started again. It turns out that pushing the button three times, not only guarantees the locking of the vehicle, but it also starts the car. Hooray! This was something we had always wanted. It's wonderful in the hot summer or the cold winter when we can have the ac or heat blasting in our car before we get in. Spoiled? Definitely.

Let me reel this in.
The start the car sans keys in the ignition, it becomes locked. For sure. Thus creating a "lock your kids in the car" hazard. This was the case, for us.

The boys got locked in the car. The car was on, music blaring for some reason. The music being super loud turned out to be the second most annoying thing about the whole situation. We called the police department to come help us out. Apparently, at least in Vegas, policemen don't do that anymore. A locksmith was then called. Though the policemen don't do it, they provide a free locksmith in these kinds of situations. So we waited. Suddenly, there was a firetruck. Sirens, lights, embarrassment. It was there for us. The firetruck was there to "rescue" our children. Joy. This was the first most awkward thing about the situation.

If there are children in the locked car, the fire department is called no matter what. If it's during the day (in the Vegas heat) they smash your windows in to save the child. That seems fair. Luckily for us, it was night time. No window smashing. This was good considering we still had a 4ish hour drive ahead of us. HOWEVER, they "had" to wait for the locksmith to come to our rescue before they could "leave the scene". Embarrassment.

So we waited. Waited. Waited. For close to an hour. Kade and Tadd at the time had their car seats next to each other. Kade was closest to the door. We tried for the duration of the wait, to get Kade to somehow unlock his door. He decided to keep teasing and smacking his brother instead. (That was the number one more annoying thing about the situation,) So while we waited, we were yelling through the window, trying to yell over the music so Kade could hear us. Second most awkward thing about the situation.

The locksmith got there and took about half a second to get our car unlocked. Apparently it was a busy night for the free locksmith and that's why it took him, about an hour, to get there.

The firemen were pretty cool guys. When the kids were "released" from the car they let Kade get up into the firetruck and put on the headphones. They gave him a fireman badge sticker and let him look around a little bit. He though it was pretty cool. Tadd screamed himself to sleep in car during the wait, so we let him sleep instead of getting in the pictures.

The more exciting, of the two things I forgot. Tadd got to meet Grandma Kirkham. Aaron's grandma. We are so glad too! She let us stay with her during this trip. We usually stayed at my family's house but with all the wedding stuff and other family in town, we opted to stay with her and I'm glad we did. It was so nice to spend time with her! We love her!

Her health has severely declined since April. She was recently diagnosed with colon cancer among other things and doesn't have much time left here on earth. This is something that makes her happy. She is eager to join her husband again. She is such a sweet woman. I love her more than I can explain. She's very quiet but so kind and generous and always so happy to see us. Whether she meant to or not, she always made me feel like part of her family and that is something I appreciate more than words can describe. We love you Grandma!

Kade also found a lizard in Grandma's backyard with uncle Brandon.

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