Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Day!

This Thanksgiving was a little different for us! Not in a bad way. We had Aaron's sister Serena with us, and then we went to my Aunt Jeny's house. There was a large group of people. But it was fun! A lot more fun than it would have been with just the three of us. It still would have been fun with just the three of us, just having a lot of people makes it feel more like Thanksgiving! After a yummy dinner and some pie we went back home. Serena spent the night, and the later it got the crazier we got. Then Serena got a little camera happy! To see more pictures from our Thanksgiving, you can go to our picasa site.

Might as Well

Well everyone was doing it. So I thought I would join in the fun. Aaron and I sometimes struggle keeping in contact with everyone because our schedules are so hectic. Sometimes it's even hard to keep in contact with eachother. So I figure besides the fact that everyone else is creating their own blogs. I may as well create one for our little family!

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