Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We're back. In the hospital, that is. However, this hospital trip doesn't include a surgery or drains. This is how are past three days have gone.

Sunday morning: He seemed normal. He woke up happy, wanted to eat. Ate. Threw up the first time.

Sunday: Slept and threw up the whole day. If he wasn't sleeping, he was throwing up. We assumed he had the flu and just made him rest for the day.

Sunday evening: Nothing left in his system. Dry heaving. Really paste-like puke. Disgusting and couldn't have been pleasant coming up. He was crying a lot, seemed to be in pain. Very lethargic. Staring off in to space.

Sunday night: Woke up about 4 times with him. He needs mom to vomit.

Monday morning: Seemed much better. He was a little more active wanted to eat. GREAT!

Monday morning--20 minutes later: Puking. Everywhere. Again.

Monday: Every hour to two hours. Keeping nothing down. Very lethargic. More staring off in to space. It freaked me out a little bit. I've never, ever, seen him this way.

Monday early afternoon: Took him to the doctor. The doctor was worried because he looked dry. He was extremely dehydrated. They gave him a phenegrin suppository to help with nausea. Immediately he seemed better.

Monday afternoon: We went up to Primary Children's. He had blood work drawn and showed more energy in those couple minutes than he had in two days. He kicked the crap out of her, all the while she was drawing his blood. Chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. (I guess I should also say Tadd has a respiratory infection. Kade has a nasty cough. There was reason for the x-ray.)

Monday...later afternoon: He throws up again. Crap.

Monday....even later afternoon: We were advised by the earlier doctor to take him to the emergency room if the phenegrin suppository didn't help. Well it didn't.

Monday evening: Called our home teacher to come assist Aaron in giving Kade a Priesthood blessing. It was perfect.

Monday night: Took Kade into the ER. Tadd to our home teacher's home. Our home teacher, whose wife happens to be my visiting teaching companion. They rock. Tadd spent the night there.

We got to the ER at 9 pm.

1030 pm: They started an IV. It took 5 of us to hold him down.

At 1130 pm, after the billionth time telling the doctors and nurses what was going on, they told us he might need to be admitted and watched over night.

1200 midnight: I told my visiting teaching companion we probably wouldn't be able to pick Tadd up until the morning. She said not to worry, just focus on Kade. Seriously, she rocks.

0130: Kade is given morphine to help with pain. He hadn't stopped crying since his IV was put in.

0230: Kade has an x-ray of his stomach. Images show that he is very constipated. Made perfect sense, he hadn't had a bowel movement since Saturday.

0300: They tell us they're going to take us to our room.

0330: We are on the pediatric floor in the hospital. They're wheeling a now passed out Kade in an over-sized bed to his room.

0335: Paperwork begins and the nurse goes over everything. Very, very thoroughly. It's ok. It's better that way.

0340: The doctor on call comes in to tell us that Kade has some sort of intestinal infection. They're going to fix it.

0430: We go to sleep.

This morning, he threw up again. The doctor said he can't go home until he can keep stuff down on his own. Because he's throwing up, he was told he can not leave his room and walk around the halls or go to the playroom. Hence the title of this post. It feels like we've been quarantined. Now, he's sleeping.

More later.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


After reading my past couple posts, you might be wondering who Daniel is. Probably, you aren't. But maybe. And if you are, I'll tell you. If you already know who he is, you're reading a post full of information that you already know.

Daniel is: Daniel Tyler Van Deventer. Soon to be, uncle to my sons and......

HUSBAND to this girl. ^

They're getting married in a matter of weeks! FINALLY! They've been dating for 3 and a half years and they're finally tying the knot! Yay them!

Also this is my third post today. Read them all.

New Year.

On New Year's eve, we missed Aaron. A lot. He had already returned home to Utah because of work. Here were some of the things we did.

Daniel helped Brock get ready for his first Stake New Year's Eve Dance.

The boys stayed up way too late. I was actually shocked. They both took short naps around their normal bed time and then woke up around 10 and rang in the new year with me. I sent Aaron pictures. He spent the time alone in our room working on wedding videos. Sadness.

Kade felt extremely cool that he was part of all of the party.

We ran out side and hit pots and pans, started our car alarms (Daniel's sounds like a train...scared the boys to death.) Then we went inside and tried falling asleep to the sounds of fireworks. Good stuff.

Also good news: I'm officially caught up with holidays. Except of course Martin Luther Kind Jr. Day....I'll give you a clue to what we did that day.....nothing.


This year we spent Christmas at my parents house in California. We deemed this the last official Christmas that we would all be together.

On Christmas Eve, we headed out to do our usual Christmas Eve stuff and then some.
We first headed to a neighborhood that gets together ever year to over-adorn their homes with Christmas lights and other decorations. We also found out that in two of these homes, live the creators of the all too famous "icicle lights". They came up with the idea way back in the day after attempting to create the same look with regular lights on their homes for this neighborhood decorating.

We opted to walk through. The line to drive through was outrageous. Plus it was like 60 degrees.
You can see the kind of attention they get every year. Luckily, they always put it to good use and have toys for tots donation spots. :)

We missed Jordan and Tawnie but since they were going to be spending Christmas day with us, they spent Christmas Eve with her family. We missed Kylee too. She was working her butt off at the Olive Garden.

After the lights we went up into the hills and found the usual night tree. My family decorates a tree out in nature every morning with birdseed and popcorn so when the animals wake up on Christmas morning, they have a little surprise waiting. While we are up there we take in the silence and ponder the true meaning of Christmas. We then each take our turns talking about things we're thankful for. It's always nice to get away from the "world's" Christmas.

We came home and got our Christmas pj's on. Put the boys to bed and waited for Christmas to come.

It came.

So many attempts at the kids on the stairs pictures.

The only two grandchildren were more than spoiled.

The mess.

All of the days events wiped everyone out. Including Kade.

We missed Jordan and Tawnie when they went back to her parents house after church. And Kelsey and Daniel went to his parents house-though they were with us all Christmas Eve so that was only fair.

Overall it was a great Christmas. The boys created memories that they'll probably forget. Maybe not Kade but definitely Tadd. Good thing we documented them. :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some Randoms

Sometimes I have a lot going through my mind. So I write them down. Usually I write them down on here. They might make you laugh, roll your eyes, gag, or stop reading my blog all together. There's also a huge possibility that you'll be totally and completely bored Anyway, here are today's randoms:

*I wish I had a countdown for the amounts of times "OMG" was going to be used before it goes away forever. I would watch that countdown daily possibly even by the hour. Also "epic fail" is ALMOST GONE and I couldn't be more thrilled. Unfortunately "LOL" will probably stick around forever, that makes me gag a little. Am I the only one that finds these things inappropriate unless you're in 7th grade?

*I am now a lemming. We bought an iPad. Do I love it? Sort of. I'm sort of obsessed with it actually. However, when I think about how much I love it, I also think of this video:
Then I make myself sick.

*I wish I had a best friend. Obviously I have a husbandly best friend. The best friend I am wishing for is a non-husbandly best friend. The kind I call whenever something big...or small happens. The kind of friend that thinks about me when they don't need something. This isn't a pity party. Seriously, cause those make me sick too. I'm saying what's on my mind. I have very good friends. Very good friends, just not a bestie (shudder). That's another one. Bestie. Gross.

*I'm really excited for Kade to not be 3 anymore. He's slowly coming out of the "terrible 3's" and it does my heart good.

*I have more determination this year than I have had in a while. It's great. It was needed.

*Jimmy Fallon makes me laugh. Am I the only one that kind of feels like he's 12?

*I wanted to go to the Jim Gaffigan show so badly. While he was here in Utah he said: "People in Utah are so nice, I feel like they're stealing from me." Awe. Some.

*I hate. Nope, that's not strong enough. I detest the presidential elections. Or rather, government elections of any sort. I know voting is important and being informed on the candidates is important. However, watching them "fight like children" does not seem important to me. Hey candidates, here's an idea...how about you stop talking crap about another candidate that you feel threatened by. Instead, try convincing me why you're the RIGHT choice. I already know you don't think the other guy is the right choice, hence your running against him-ness. Blah

*Tadd's smile can make my day.

*Three of our siblings are getting married this year. So exciting! Also exciting....we will get to be there for ALL THREE! That news makes my year.

*I wish for snow. Daily. I like snow, it hasn't been around this winter. For that, I am sad.

*The worst part about living in Provo: your friends move away.

*Apparently I am socially distraught.

*I almost got released from my calling. Then I didn't. I'm so happy about it.

*I took January off from weddings and photo shoots. It's been incredible.

*I have some family that needs the word spread on their hoping to adopt. Adoption is amazing and can bless families in ways that most of us will never understand! Please spread the word!

The end.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

So There Was This One Time....

...that we celebrated Thanksgiving. Oh, you didn't know? That's probably because I didn't blog about it. But you should have figured that we did anyway.

We spent the day with my Aunt Jeny and her family. It was a nice and mostly relaxing day. Ya know, aside from the cooking. The boys hung out..
Kade and Tadd had their own "Turkey Bowl".
We ate dinner. It was good.
After we ate dinner, we hung out some more. Then, we went home.

the end.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tadd Turned 1. A really...really...really long time ago.

Tadd turned one. This was a big deal for me apparently. I didn't handle it too well. Eh, I'm over it now.

The day didn't' turn out as expected at all. Not even close. We didn't have plans of grandeur but the plans we did have, didn't happen. We ordered pizza and just spent time with our little family.

Tadd's Nana (my mom) sent him an edible arrangement, balloon and stuffed bear. I made monster cupcakes.
He got some bouncy balls and a big toy car.

Then we sang and let him dig in to his "cake" It was hardly a cake and I did only a little frosting because Kade's stomach didn't handle it so well when he turned one. To avoid barf clean up becoming a tradition this is what his cake was. Pretty right? Also, I'm pretty mad that I can't figure out why this is being underlined nor how to fix it.

He was a little nervous at first.

Tried eating without making a mess.

Then gave up and went in headfirst. (again with the underline. This is getting ridiculous.)

Then the real mess began. At one point he picked up the plate and threw it. Go big or go home right?

He thought it was a success. That's all that matters.
Kade was oh so patient for his turn to have a cupcake.

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