Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Disneyland 2012

The week of Brandon's and Jeanessa's wedding, the entire Blair family went to Disneyland. It was very fun and the first time the entire family has been together in at least 8 years! Kade and Tadd both met cousins for the first time. We were the ticket purchasers so we waited at the front for quite a while to meet people at the front gates. While we were waiting Kade got to see quite a few "people from the movies". We only got pictures with Pluto and the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland but we also saw Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Mary Poppins! Kade was in heaven. Tadd, didn't think it was that awesome. 
Once we rounded everyone up, we all went on the Buzz Lightyear ride. This one is my favorite to take pictures in because the lights are all so cool and you can do some fun light painting with a long shutter! 
Then we went on Finding Nemo. 
Some of the nephews were chosen out of the crowd to do the Jedi training. All of their wildest dreams came true at that moment. 
While all the taller kids went on Indiana Jones, we went on the Jungle Cruise with Melody, Nathan and Hudson. We kept getting misted by all the water and it felt amazing. It was such a hot day! 
Pictures happened, as they always do at Blair functions.
Grandma and Grandpa with ALL 10 grandchildren....first time ever.
The entire family. Not one person was missing. First time in at least 8 years. There have been at least 14 additions to the family since the last complete family photo was taken.
We all went on Pirates together. Luckily the lines weren't horrendous. They all moved pretty quickly too. 
After a few more rides with the whole family, everyone kind of broke off and did their own things. 
We went into Fantasy Land where all the kid rides are. At this point, because we were with just our little family, we let Kade choose everything we went on. Even if that meant the carousel...twice. 
The one thing Kade had been begging for since we told him we were going to Disneyland, was to ride on the McQueen ride. It's over at California Adventure and we made it over there just in time. Kade was so tired. But we made it. FINALLY. I couldn't go on the McQueen ride due to being with child, so Kade and Aaron went alone. Tadd and I waited. While we waited, we walked through shops, went on Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, and just hung out. For a long time. The wait for the ride was 2.5 hours. I wish we'd gone over there sooner so Kade could have gone on more of the rides but we'll just have to go back again soon. They really did an amazing job making cars land look just like Radiator Springs!
Then we went home. We were at the parks for nearly the entire time they were open!! It was a long day but so much fun!  By the time we got to our car, it was midnight. That was the longest ride home ever. We were all exhausted!

Friday, July 20, 2012


I had all these dreams of posting this news in a cute or clever way. Then, when it came down to it, I just didn't. Oh well. The rumors are true. I'm sure there were rumors. Everyone talks about us, we're that important/cool/awesome/big of a deal. 

Baby Blair #3 is going to make it's big debut on either January 31st or February 1st. We'll know the exact date once it gets closer and our doc knows her schedule a little better. It will be a scheduled c-section this time. We're beyond excited. I'm slightly terrified. And Kade is insisting that he is having a little sister. He keeps saying, "it's a girl". If I ask him what we should name the baby if it's a boy, he tells me "but it's a girl." So we'll see if he knows something that we don't. 

I am officially 10 weeks pregnant and not feeling great and extremely tired. 
But we're pregnant, we feel very lucky and can't wait to bring another little one into our family. 
10 week ultrasound. Everything looks great!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The 4th of July

This year our 4th was pretty low key. We slept in, skipped the parade, and spent the day at Seven Peaks. When we were all water-logged, we headed home bathed and went to Mark and Jeny's for a BBQ and good quality duck time....I mean family time. They have really cute ducks and I still haven't gotten a picture of them. But we hung out and played in the backyard with Tara, Joe, Kelsey Grierson, and Mark's dad. It was nice and relaxing and....hot. Later that evening, Mark, Jeny and our little family headed to the practice field at Provo High to watch the Stadium of Fire. We're not going to talk about how badly I wished I was actually in the Stadium of Fire to watch the Beach Boys. We're not. Let's just say, had someone donated tickets to me, I'd have cried with joy. Hate them if you must but I grew up on the Beach Boys. I would have loved to have seen those old dudes live. 

Kade attempted card games, we had otter-pops (I'm pretty sure it's a law. Like the 4th of July doesn't happen without otter-pops) and we just hung out as we waited for the firework show to start. 
 Tadd pouted a lot. Surprise.

We waited a long time for the fireworks to start.....

.......a really long time.
Once the fireworks started, everyone was happy. Kade was afraid at first but then loved it by the end. Now he wants to do fireworks all. the. time. 

Serena and Cameron Got Married.....A Month Ago.

Last month, on June 15th. Aaron's youngest sister/sibling got married. Serena and Cameron were married in the Bountiful UT temple and the day was beautiful. The weather was perfect! Cameron and Serena were glowing! One of my favorite moments of the week was when we went to the temple with Serena for her to take out her endowments. I'd look over at Cameron every once in a while and he couldn't take his eyes off of Serena, and he had the sweetest smile on his face during the whole thing. You can tell how much these two love each other. It's very cute. 
With all the nephews and niece that came. 

At the reception there was lots of dancing and fun. Their reception was at a country club and had a very pretty view of a golf course. 
Tadd loved dancing with Aunt Jeanessa. When Uncle Brandon stepped in, Tadd was booted out....he was devastated.
Then, he got over it and gave a "cheese" to the camera. 
While I snapped the night away, my boys danced the night away. 
It was a very nice wedding, filled with lots of fun and family! 

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