Friday, May 30, 2008

He's Growing

Here is his baby announcement. I have it made I just haven't had them printed yet, so I still need to do that. But here is a look at it for all of you whose addresses I don't have!!!

This is my favorite pair of PJ's he has because it accents his skinny-ness! I love them!!

He sleeps in the cutest positions, here are a couple.....

He HATES bath time, but loves being all wrapped up in his towel!!

He'll be three weeks old on Monday, I hate it! I don't love how quickly time goes by once the baby is here. If only it went by this quickly while I was prego....

Sunday, May 18, 2008


So Kade is a week old already, well tomorrow. I think he is starting to get sick of me taking pictures of him already!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Like father like son....

Kade now...

And his dad 27 years ago.....

There are a few differences but not many......

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Boys!

Teaching Kade about computers
He's trying to make the same faces...

This one is my favorite! I am so glad my mom has been here because I have been way too tired to take pictures!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kade is here!

Kade came into this world on May 12, 2008 at 9:18pm. He was 7 lbs 6 oz and 20" long.
Enjoy some of these first photos.
On the elevator on the way up.
Check out my cool jump suit.
Kade's first picture.
Our first family picture
Nickell stayed up all night with him.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Ready for Kade

Here is a picture of his bedroom. We're pretty much ready. Aaron is still working on the car and airplane models, I will send pictures when those are finished. Hopefully they get finished this weekend! Everything else is pretty much ready. You can see in this picture most of my recent sewing projects, there are a few blankets and a baby carrier as well, but the pillows and curtains I did last week. It was fun! I haven't sewn in forever, so it took me a second to get back into it, but then once I did it was like riding a bike! I have never made curtains before so I am pretty proud of those. But yeah. I just wish he was here! We also got the fish tank all set up. Hopefully this will be a soothing thing for him. Plus it's fun to have!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

38 weeks.

Here are some belly shots from last week. My 38 week mark.

I loved it!

I am not a typical girl. I know you are all shocked. But I absolutely LOVE action movies! Probably they are my favorite! I still love a good chick flick, but's just amazing. Especially now with how amazing special effects are. Aaron and I were just talking about how if people from the early-movie days, way back when, were to see a movie now, they'd probably wet themselves. It's just incredible how far movies have come. Anyway, we went and saw Iron Man on Saturday, and I absolutely loved it! It was very funny, and very good, and I just enjoyed it. Also I thought it was surprisingly well cast. Not something I ever expected to see Robert Downey Jr. doing, but he did very well. To sum up, I would recommend it. Especially in theaters!

Happy Birthday Kylee! It's Kylee's 16th birthday today and I don't like it one bit. In my brain she is still barely in YW. Oh well, she is growing, that's what happens. Anyway, Happy Birthday Kylee. I love you!

Friday, May 2, 2008


Aaron told me that I need to clarify. He has had most of the decorating ideas for the baby room, but I have done most of the work.... He said it hasn't been "all him" as I previously stated. He said he doesn't want to sound gay. So, it has mostly been him. I have helped a little.....

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's MAY!!

It's finally May, the birth month of our un-born! I can't believe how close we are, it still feels so far away! 15 days!

Baby Stuff!

So we have gotten a few new things lately! It's so fun to shop for babies! I can't even imagine what his room would look like if I had endless amounts of money! Here are the new things we have gotten lately.

This is the baby swing we got. I am excited that we found one that matches our front room. Not that matching was one of the requirements, it was just a plus. But I wish they made these for adults, because it looks and feels incredibly comfortable!

Here is the bedding. Aaron has been very into decorating the baby's room, and picked this bedding out. Now he is working on model cars and airplanes for some decorating accents. It's pretty cute how into this he is. He usually doesn't care at all about decorating, and lets me do it all. But this time, its all him!

Baby Shower...

So I am finally posting about my family shower! Three and half weeks later! My life has been so crazy, I haven't had much time for updating the blog! My mom and my sisters drove up from California to throw a family baby shower for me! There were a ton of people there! It was so fun, and nice to see everyone. With our crazy lives we hardly see anyone! No joke! We live within minutes of most of the people that came, and hardly see any of them! Mike and Barb Smith made delicious waffles, and we had lots of yummy toppings thanks to Kristen! It was a delightful day! Here are some pictures!
My mom decorated with huge words everywhere. It was very cute!

Kim, Talina, Kennedy, Heather, Me and Brinley

For every item of clothing I was given we hung them up on a clothesline that was hung across the room

Barb Smith one of our close family friends was nice enough to let us use her house for this shower! They did so much for the shower! It was very very nice of them!

Opting for Simplicity!

I have decided to go for a more simple blog. I prefer simplicity in my life. I don't often get it, but I prefer it. So I went for the three column look, with just a header that has color. So yay! I did if for my mom's family's blog,

and I decided I liked it a lot. So I changed mine, thanks to Caitlyn!

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