Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 6

There is construction going on in front of our house. They're replacing some water thing or something. Anyway, after they had gone for the day today, Kade wanted to climb through the pipes that are next to our sidewalk waiting to be put in. He thought they were pretty awesome. 
Only 24 more days. Only. Ha.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 6: Brotherly Love

Tonight, when we were leaving a ward activity, the boys were just sitting on the curb. They were cute just sitting their, minding their business. Until I ruined it. I told Kade to put his arm around Tadd and smile. As soon as the picture on the right was taken, Tadd was on his feet and booking it. He's not an affectionate kid.  It's ok, I still like him. Kind of lots. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 5

While the boys were taking their bath tonight, I realized that I hadn't taken any photos of them today. Since I promised I'd do that, here you go. 
When Tadd says goodness. It makes my day.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 4

This is old. Obviously. But its still good.

Photography by Kade

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Photo A Day: Days 1, 2 & 3

Last time Aaron was out of town, I posted a picture a day for him. I've decided to do the same this time. And Mom, it will last longer so you're likely to be happy about that. So, you're welcome. 

I'm behind on it so I just started with three. Also, threw in a bonus one. Again, you're welcome.

We've been doing pretty well. We miss Aaron a lot. However, I don't think it will be as bad as my imagination led me to believe. My imagination usually deceives me this way. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We had a very calm and low key Easter this year. The past couple of years, we have had family in town. This year it was just us. While we really love having family around, Easter with just the four of us, was perfect. The night before, we dyed eggs. As you can see, Kade was excited and Tadd was mad he wasn't eating in his highchair.
Once Dad came to hang with Tadd, he was happy. That kid adores his dad. It's pretty adorable.
All of our dyed eggs. 
 Kade wrote his name on his egg and then turned it brown. He wanted it to go into every. color.
Easter Sunday is my favorite Sunday of the year. Easter is my favorite holiday. Ever. I love everything about Easter. Especially celebrating the resurrection of Christ. The atonement and resurrection are two things that I am grateful for everyday. The blessings we have and will receive from those two things are never ending. 

Christ died for us. For me. I'm eternally grateful. 
This year we decided to do Easter baskets after church in effort to put more focus on Christ.

 The boys looked so handsome in their suits. 
Kade is such a poser. Tadd on the other hand, would rather eat.
 After we tortured them with pictures, they were free to roam the yard and look for eggs.
One huge downside of not having family in town for conference was that we couldn't get a picture all together. 

Once the outside had been searched thoroughly, they wandered inside to see what the Easter bunny had left. 
 I really love Target's dollar spot. Like, REALLY. 
 After their baskets we had them change out of their suits because candy was starting to be eaten and sticky messes were happening. So we went to comfy clothes. Then, we finished the search.
This was when Tadd really started to understand what was going on. He'd had some food in him at this point and was less distracted.
 The Easter bunny was crazy and left some way to high for Kade to reach. Dad helped. 
 That evening we had a yummy dinner in our backyard. Steak, potatoes and roasted asparagus, peppers, and tomatoes. It was a perfect evening. We ended the night by skype-ing with our families. 

Holy smokes that's a long post. At what point did you get bored?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Great News!

Aaron got a job!!!! It's all sort of crazy actually! He applied for a job posting through a couple weeks ago and then this company called him. They are based out of Canada, have an office in Poland and they're trying to filter into the United States. They have one US employee right now and along with Aaron they'll be hiring 4 or 5 more in the immediate future. He'll be doing the same thing he was doing at his previous job. Steel detailing and drafting, and after his training period, he'll work from home. I'm both ecstatic and freaked out. 

I made him do lots of research on the company. I thought at first that it sounded a little shady and too good to be true. Maybe even like we'd have a " Killer" movie made after us. However, after a lot of interviewing, prayer and going to the temple, we feel like this is the best choice we can make. He'll leave for Poland for training on Sunday. He'll be gone for a month. The nervous part of me feels like a month is forever, the practical side of me knows that it is not. A month will fly by and we'll have lots of fun things to do. AND when he gets home, he'll have a home office. Bonus.

Here's your bonus for the day.

Couldn't you just gobble him up?

Spring Snow

Last week it snowed. And...we loved it. We don't hate snow around this house. Gasp. In fact, we're quite fond of it. We were especially happy this last time because over the winter, we had hardly any snow. Spring time snow is the best. It's so pretty to wake up to and it's melted by the afternoon. Kade couldn't get out there fast enough. At first he couldn't find his snow boots, so he just skipped the search and put on mine. He went outside in a t-shirt, sweats and mom's boots. Good stuff. Sadly I didn't get a picture of it. Trust me. It was a delight.

 After Aaron and I found the missing boots, we got him strapped into them. We also decided to be good parents and put a jacket on. It wasn't very cold. He kept complaining of the snow getting in his eyes because it was still snowing, so Aaron put his snowboarding goggles on him. The hubs and I watched from the window as Kade enjoyed every bit of snow he could handle.  

He just kept running back and forth to make as many tracks as he could. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

This gem almost didn't make the blog. It was supposed to go on the post about our walk. Somehow, it was missed. Now it's on here. You're welcome.
These two, crack me up. They are always getting into the fridge together and it's hilarious. You'd think I never feed them. However, Tadd is a bottomless pit and Kade just likes the danger of being naughty. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happily Frustrated

This is a weird post. I have been trying to figure out how to write it for a few weeks. There's not a fun way to put it. We are officially 100% self-employed now. Aaron lost his job a few weeks ago and we could say he joined the unemployed club but truth is he is still working. He's lucky enough (and so are we) to have a skill that will provide income even when a company is not. It's summer time and we've both been picking up a lot of weddings so we'll be sure to stay busy and not homeless. :) This isn't a post for pity. Please. It's just informative.

A few weeks ago when he came home in the middle of the day, with "the look" on his face. I knew what happened. After all, we've seen this look now three times in three years. All from the same company. We're tired of it. He was too stressed out. He wasn't himself. He hasn't been himself in a long time. So when he came home that day, I was relieved. Weird. I know. But I'm so excited to have him around more. I'm so excited for him to get back to himself and to be happy again. I'll also tell you who else is excited....

Now we go for long (and I mean like 4 hours long) walks in the middle of the day. Because we. can. We get to have him around. All. the. time. And it's awesome.

He's been applying for jobs, all over the place. He'll find one. And as long as it's not with this previous employer, I'm sure it will be much better! This is the best time of year for this to happen, because we are so busy with weddings.

We didn't know it before, but we needed this. All is well.

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