Monday, July 18, 2016

Catching Up... Post 5 Aaron's Month

June is always Aaron's month. His birthday, plus Father's Day = celebrate this cute guy.
The way Max looks at his dad kills me. Every. Time.
We kept the day pretty low-key after having a house full of visiting family. He worked, came home, we played games, and just spent time together. I made him a yummy dinner, and cake. Nothing crazy or extravagant. But very enjoyable and relaxing. He loved it. 

Father's day was just as great! We spoiled him with his favorite breakfast-in-bed. The boys rubbed his feet while he ate. He was on cloud nine. We gave him a few handmade gifts. And then my favorite gift of all... We gave him a growth chart ruler. I don't have a finished piece picture but I got pictures of the boys helping to sand and paint it. We made every gift this year and the gifts were my favorite! 

We went on the most horrific road trip. I'll spare you the details and I don't need to "write them down to remember them." 

Silver lining, because there always is one, we saw new places that we've never see before. We can now check Mississippi and Louisiana off of our list of states we've been! The drive, while awful, was BEAUTIFUL! We saw a million+ trees, fireflies, swam in a hotel pool, drove through thunderstorms and over swamps. Plus we just got to spend a couple days together as a family. Luckily our kids are rockstar travelers and they were angels the whole time! 
Summer, Darrel, Dessi, Serena, Charity, and Debbie came down to have dinner with us. Somehow, this is the only picture I took. Cute cousins!
And this was just random, but funny. I love this kid. 

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Debbie Blair said...

Love all the pictures. I am so happy Aaron has such a loving and supportive wife and kids

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