Monday, July 18, 2016

Catching Up... Post 4 Some Stuff I Forgot In the Last Post

I forgot a few things that happened during May. 
MOTHER'S DAY! These kiddos spoiled me. We got to face-time with both of our moms. It was a good day. I made sure to take a picture with each kid individually. As much as I dislike photographs of myself, I'm trying to make an effort to do that more often. 
Tadd had his preschool graduation. Which is more of a performance less of a graduation. I'm really not sure why they called it graduation at all. It was fun to go watch them perform songs they've been working on. It was a huge improvement from his Christmas program. This time, he sang and did all the actions for all the songs. He grew so much this year and I'm so proud of him! He really worked hard to learn more and be less shy and it paid off!
Kade's class had a field trip at the end of the year. We went to the Austin Aquarium. I was lucky enough to get to join him! This is the first field trip I've gotten to go on, so I was really excited. 
It was so fun. I always like spending time with him for school functions. 
We got to have my parents and Brock here, for almost 10 days. We didn't get to do as much as we would have liked but we went to Big Top Candy Shop, and Hopdoddys. We played at the park, went to a splashpad, and just hung out. The kids LOVED having them here. Aaron and I did too! We hope they come back again!

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Debbie Blair said...

I have very fun memories of field trips with my kids.So lad you got to go

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