Sunday, July 17, 2016

Catching up... Post 2 (Easter and Charlotte's Blessing)

My very, very favorite time of year. I love the spring. I love Easter. I love reflecting on the Atonement and resurrection. Our Easter weekend was just fabulous.

We had our 3rd annual glow-in-the-dark egg hunt! We keep getting a better and better turn out. It was so fun, as usual. I'm so glad we started this tradition. I hope it continues to be successful. 
The next day we had our own egg hunt at home, followed by egg dying! We were lucky to have cousins there to have fun with us! 
It's fair to say we haven't had a decent family picture in Texas. Easter morning was spent at church. I think what I'm most grateful for, is the Atonement and resurrection. Because of these things, I have the opportunity to repent, be forgiven, and have my family with me for eternity. These kids are my kids. Forever. And that cute, tall guy next to me. He's mine forever too. I can't think of anything better. 
When we got home, we looked for baskets and eggs around the house. 

I love holidays when we get to use my dinnerware that Aaron brought back for me, from Poland. One of the blades of grass on this plastic plant, definitely caught fire and melted. It made dinner more exciting and hilarious. 
On April 10th, 2016... Charlotte Elizabeth Blair received a name and a blessing by her father. 
The things that stood out to me the most in her blessing; missionary work, and that she will be knowledgeable in the gospel. 
She wore the same blessing dress that I did. It was made by my mom. Her blanket was made by my Aunt Holly. Her headband, by my friend Ashalon. All things that were very special to us. 
Dressing my kids for each of their blessings has always been a favorite memory for me. 
We had a FULL house that weekend. We felt so loved and were so happy to have so many family and friends there for us! 

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